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Has anyone ever used this type of homemade caramel as a filling in cupcakes? I tried baking a cupcake with a caramel candy in the center but it didn't work. I'm sure the caramel melted in the heat of the oven, but after the cupcake cooled the caramel hardened back up. I thought about using caramel ice cream topping, but it's so thin and runny I'm not sure it would work as a filling. Just wondering how thick the caramel is with this method and if it might work as a cupcake filling. Thanks icon_smile.gif
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Has anyone used this type of caramel to make icing with . I need to make a carmel cake with a Christmas theme would like to have a butter cream type consistency. Any suggestions?
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Decided to wing it used 16oz. cream cheese and 1 lb. butter with a can suicide caramel and 4lbs. p. sugar. Taste yummy can't wait to see how it will frost and decorate.
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