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-waving hand feverishly-! HELP! indydebi buttercream

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Seriously I should be able to get this!


However this is what I've got.

I creamed the 'crisco' (I used off brand with 2.5g sat fat) with warm non dairy creamer with dream whip dissolved in it (about 1/3 c water to start- I've added more because it was SUPER thick) then I added 1cish C&H powdered sugar then I added the rest while on speed 1. Then I cranked it up to 4 and it's still @ 4.

What did I goof on? Is it gonna get better??
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When I make it, I mix the dream whip with the powdered sugar, add the crisco and cold liquid creamer, and mix it up. Maybe mixing the dream whip with the liquid did something weird? Or maybe it was having the liquid warm?
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Well craptastic. LOL

I'm supposed to be making class buttercream for class tonight. But I just hear that's AWFUL and don't wanna waste PS on it! LOL

I guess I'll do it anyway. Thanks for the help!
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What if you put the BC in the fridge for a while and then try beating it again?
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When I made Indydebi's BC, I made sure to leave the mixer at the lowest speed for a longer time so as not to whip too much air into it.

Although, looking at your pics it looks to me like it needs even more mixing. It just doesn't look that smooth to me. If it's too thick, I would also add a bit more of the milk and beat again.
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Okay.... I'm gonna stick it into the fridge and wait a while. I'm getting ready to make the kids lunch...then right before class ( I went ahead and made the Wilton --although I had to mix in the meringe into each container as I forgot to add it while in the KA) I'll rewhip and see how it looks.

I had it running on 4 for 10 or so tastes light and has a good flavor. I'm just in a -uhhh moment- I'm KNOW I can use it for something... crossing my fingers that rewhipping after putting it in the fridge will help. Thanks for the advice- you gals are why I love CC!
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Run the mixer for about 15 minutes. There's no such thing as overbeating this stuff. The fat needs to be pulverized.

I never pay attention to what it looks like in the bowl or even when I put it on the cake. Once I bench-scrape it smooth, then let it crust so I can Melvira it, it's nice and smooth.

I have found that when I use it the next day, I take a big spoon and beat it a few times and its super smooth, too.

I'm making a 5-tier cake for a friend's daughter this week .... I'll try to remember to take the camera and take some step-by-step pics.
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So even though I've already added all the PS to it I can go a head and stick it back in the mixer @ speed 4 for 15+ minutes and it should help?

I'll give it another go. indydebi- you are a saint. Thank you so much for the help!
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Okay so this frosting was wayyyy to fuffy and airy. NOT smooth for me at all. I'm not entirely sure what happened.

I don't have a good buttercream that does NOT involve BUTTER! Which we all know melts! icon_razz.gif

I'll keep on trucking and maybe get lucky with this one after indydebi gets a video up!
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In indydebi's recipe I use well as other buttercream recipes. My friend tried it with water and had no luck with it. Taste and texture was different than mine. My family loves the taste of this buttercream over the others I have used. I find it smooths easily.
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Ok, I got some pics today thru the crumb coat process. I'm going to post them one at a time (because I always get them in the wrong order when I do them all at once icon_redface.gif ), so be patient with me!

This is the crisco, dream whip, milk, vanilla and about 3-4 cups of p.sugar (in a triple-plus batch). Fat has been pulverized. There are no particles visible in the mixture.
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These two pics show the icing in the bowl .... one is what it looks like after 5 minutes of beating.... one is after 15 minutes of beating.
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After icing has been applied (crumb coat) then a bench scraper was used for the intial smoothing.
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Crumb coat after its been Melvira'd.
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Bonus pics: Debi's Finger Push Test for consistency!
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