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Icing a number 5 and number 0 cake?!

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I'm making a 5 and a 0 cake and was wondering if anyone has any tips on icing number cakes with tricky angles like 50!

i've watched this video on youtube but a 1 is pretty simple...

any ideas welcome!

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i find thicker fondant, bigger than you need, and lots of time and patience helps when tackling weird angles. no tips other than that! good luck!
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lol thanks for that!

just had another thought tho... what do i do with the hole in the 0? there wont be enough icing to go all the way down will there?! should i just do a sepereate strip for the inside then conect it when the rest of the icing goes on?


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I made a 50 about a month ago. I cut the 5 from a 12x15 cake and the 0 was the large oval pan with the smaller oval as the mold for cutting out the middle. I will have to say that instead of rolling the fondant thicker like the last reply, it was easier to roll it thinner, than it just sort of "fell" into the spaces. I did have some tears around the really sharp angles, but they got covered with the border that I added. You do need the fondant a bit larger than the cake than you would normally do so you have some to "play" with.

If your fondant is thinner, when you put it on the 0 you can maneuver it into the middle of the 0. Again, some tears happened, but the border covered it.

I tried to add the photo of my cake, but coudldn't seem to figure it out. But check out my photos, I hope it helps.

Good luck!
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Hey, did u manage the 0? If so, how did u do it?! Was the hole in the middle just a patch job?


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I recently did a 6 0 cake, and both the holes in the 6 and the 0 were awkward to get fondant in, so they became a bit of a patch job, with well-placed and creative decor covering the rest.  :)


I had originally thought that when I laid the fondant over, I could just cut an "x" in the fondant where the holes were and work the fondant into the holes, which kinda worked, but not really.  I rolled the fondant out at my usual thickness (1/8" or so), do I don't know if thicker or thinner would have made any difference.


I'm sure someone with more experience would have less difficulty with that.


It was for a friend's birthday, and he, nor anyone else there, noticed anything.  They were too busy looking at the rest of the cake.

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Thanks for the advice kathleen, I'll give it a bash and see how I go!

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