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Royal Icing and Edible Images....

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Hello. I wanted to use BC but then I remembered that it will break down RI (which I was planning to use for the border), so my question is, is it better to attach the edible image when the icing is wet or dry? I want it to be smooth(no ripples), and I also want it to blend in with the icing as much as possible. Can I have both? What is your experience? These are for a bridal shower, and I want them to be perfect! TIA!
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I'm using glace...
I cover my cookies, let it dry for 12 hours.. take a brush with a little bit of vodka (evaporates quickly) and then apply the edible image and I'm using a foam roller to flatten it down.. And I let it dry for a few hours before packaging..
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Thank you Verono.... does the glace taste any better that the RI?, What do you cover it with? You don't let it touch the tops of the cookies, do you?
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You can flavor the glace like you want (as well for the RI but I prefer the texture of glace) .. I'm using almond and vanilla (clear natural extract from Spices etc.)
I don't understand this part : "What do you cover it with? You don't let it touch the tops of the cookies, do you?"
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Thanks.... nevermind about the other question.... I was in a huge hurry(on my way out the door), and misread something. Oops! icon_redface.gif
One more quick question, if you don't mind.... Is the glace stiff enough to pipe a border with, or do I need to use RI? Thanks so much for all of your help! I really appreciate it!
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Over the glace ?
For detailling, I prefer RI. Easier to work with!
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Sorry if I'm being dense.... I'm so tired. 3 birthdays in my family this week plus a cookie order for some relatives. Can I use glace to cover the cookies, then royal icing to pipe a very small shell or bead border? I've never worked with glace, and didn't know if it would be weird to use both types of icing on the same cookie. I just don't like the taste/texture of RI so didn't want to use it for the entire cookie if I didn't have to. Thanks again, and sorry if this is confusing.
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Yes you can, why not ? icon_smile.gif
For the taste of RI, what flavoring do you use? And meringue powder is the key (I hate the smell/taste of the Wilton brand)
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I use almond or vanilla usually. I don't use Wilton anything if I can avoid it. I don't recall the brand of meringue powder I use, but I buy it at the local cake supply. I do cookies quite often, but usually just for kids, and they don't care if I use RI. They'll eat anything! icon_biggrin.gif Thanks for all of your help. I'm going to try the glace!
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I forgot to tell you to use Bright White food coloring.. It changed my "cookie life" since I read that tip on CC, no more cloudy cookie (something I didn't why but was cloudy)... And I use less water than the recipe calls... like 2 corn syrup for 1 water
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Hi verono! So, you use the water, not the milk for the glace? And you were talking about adding the bright white to the glace, not the RI, correct? Thanks so much for all of your help!

Also, is the taste/texture the same as RI when you add corn syrup to it? Or is it better?
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Yes I use water instead of milk. Bright white in the glace... I'm not familiar with RI, I'm only using it since a few weeks to make details.

I've never added corn syrup to RI...Glace is not "crunchy" but it harden well, I can stack them without any breakage..
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You can package them in cello bags right?
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Yes, no problem at all...! I wait about 18 to 24 hours before packaging them in cello bags
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So sorry I'm such a pest... but can I add the edible images sooner than 12 hours. My timeline has gotten totally skewed, and they're coming sooner than I thought to pick them up.... I want to add the edible images and a small bead border ASAP. The order was for Sun. but now they want to pick them up tomorrow am. I'm super stressed now, I didn't get the last one iced until 11:00am. Now I need to get the images/border on and dried/packaged by 10:00am. Is this possible?!? Uggh..... this is what happens you you do stuff for family.
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