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Difference between frosting sheets & wafer paper

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I'm sure this has been asked before but, I couldn't find anything when I searched. What is the difference between the two? Are they used for two different types of applications? I'm interested is trying the edible images and not sure what to buy.

Thanks a million

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I have used both. the frosting sheets "melt" onto the frosting and the wafer/rice paper seems more stronger like paper, if that makes any sense. the frosting sheet has a backing that you peel off and the wafer/rice paper doesn't. maybe someone will have a better explanation. hope that helped you.icon_smile.gif I have both in my photos
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I'm curious about this also. I'm shopping for an EI system and since rice/wafer paper seems more economical, I of course would rather use it!
Any onther input?
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Hi I use rice paper and edible paper. Honestly, they both work. Rice paper is definitely cheaper and still gets the job done. Most people don't know the difference. The only difference to me is that the edible papers image is brighter in color; nicer finish. When I decide that I am going to get carried away and cover all the sides of a cake I definitely use wafer paper because I can give the customer a really nice cake at a resonable price. Can you image the cost of 3 sheets of edible paper vs. 3 sheets of wafer paper. Hmm $10-15 sheet x3 or $1 sheet x 3. You do the math. People talk about the taste but honestly I would appreciate the cheaper price because I doubt if any one person is going to eat an entire cake. To me there isn't a real taste. My sister has been decorating ina bakery for 15 years and they didn't use rice paper until I introduced it to her. She in turn ordered it at the bakery and needless to say they only order rice paper now. The bakery saved alot of money. I hope this info helps you.
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I use both. I have a cannon pixma 6000 printer. The icing paper provides a better picture and is easier to use. I only use the rice paper for things like butterfly wings, sheet music, and book pages. If you print a picture that uses alot of edible ink rice paper will curl or almost melt away. Where as icing paper stays flat. I don't pay more that $2 a sheet for the icing sheets and only 25 cents for rice paper.
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Care to share where you get the $2 sheets?
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$2/sheet??? I have paid so much more than that. Please share!
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Thanks everybody for the info! I think I'll try both and see which I like better. Do you get air bubbles with the rice/wafer paper?
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You can get bubbles with either, if you just plop it on. I have used both and find if you start at one end, slowly going across, then the other end, you should not have any trouble.
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25 sheets / $27.95
I haven't ordered here or tried these but so far this is the best price I'm finding...

Anyone have anything better?
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