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Opinions on Molds

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Has anyone ever made flowers using a mold? The only flowers I know how to make are the ones I learned from Wilton. I was wondering if there were molds out there that give the same details as making them by hand. Flowers are my favorite thing to make but I feel so limited on what I can do. Any suggestions?
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There are some very nice molds out there, they aren't as delicate looking as a handmade gum paste flower, but they are very pretty.
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What medium are you talking about, fondant/gumpaste, buttercream, chocolate?

There are definitely chocolate molds for everything, but they never look real. I have never seen anything for buttercream, and there are assorted cutters and veiners for gumpaste. I have also seen some push molds, but making them by hand is fun and not hard to learn.
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Kathy Scott has about 34 flower silicone molds which she sells on Ebay under sweetexpress. I've not used these particular molds but have purchase several of her decorative molds which I used with almond bark. The molds have nice detail and turned out beautifully. I went to her site last night and if I remember correctly her web address is or you can google her name with sweet expressions, as well as look up her seller ID on Ebay to find her items listed.
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