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Color Dust / Powdered Food Color (gumpaste flowers)

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I would like to color some cornflower blue gumpaste flowers yellow in the centers. I really need it to be quite bright if possible. Anyone familiar with CK Powdered Food Colors and/or Globalsugarart's color dusts?

Will those color over cornflower blue gumpaste flowers (they're rather dark blue).

I actually wanted to make yellow flowers and brush them with the cornflower blue - but I can't find that color in any powders, and regular blue just doesn't work at all. It's for a wedding - canary yellow and cornflower blue.

Thanks, in advance, for your help!!
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Is there a way you could add a white or yellow center to the flower and dust or paint it? You can usually deepen a light color but it's hard to lighten a dark color.

Also, if the flowers will not be eaten, you can use grated chalk as petal dust icon_biggrin.gif I bought a set of 50 artists chalk sticks at Hobby Lobby for $5 and they work great for dusts.
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I've tried the chalk - but the color just isn't intense enough. I have blue powdered color - which covers the yellow nicely - but it's not cornflower and doesn't look right at all.

I was hoping the yellow might be intense enough to cover the blue up some. I thought about trying yellow royal icing and brushing the color up from the centers kinda' like brush embroidery - but wasn't sure how that would work.
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try Beth has the most intense and true colors i have ever used. Unfortunately the computer screen doesn't do justice to her colors. Call her she will help you out with the color you are trying to achieve.
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Oh, thank you Peg - I will call her right away.
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you do realize that you can mix powdered colors to achieve the color you want. You also can layer them i like to start with light and go to dark, but doing it the other way will give you a different look. Most of the flowers in my pictures are down with beths colors and layered like i describe
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I do. I mixed some blues and puruples to match the silk hydranges she bought, and they looked great. But she really wants them to match her wedding colors - no purple - and just wants the cornflower blue and yellow even though it's not really the natural coloring.

Thanks for all your help! I am going to order some yellow and blue coloring from the site you sent me and give those a try!
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