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Gum paste numbers cake topper

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I am making an anniversary cake this weekend and need to make a 60 cake topper. I have never done this before, my idea is to make it out of gum paste then paint it with gold pearl dust. Anyone have any ideas or tutorials on the easiest way to do this. Thank You
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Sounds like you've got it under control. I've only done it once, and it turned out pretty well.

I've also, piped things in Royal Icing, dried and then used the lustre dust.
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yeah i think i have a good idea i'm just worried about forming the numbers and making them look good. Should i just try making them by hand or printing out the numbers and trace them then cutting them out in the gum paste??
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I made them out of gumpaste. I made a roll out of gumpaste (using clay gun) and then just made a freehand 45 for the topper. I sprayed them with silver.
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When I did one last week I did exactly that, I used a print out, cut out the numbers, then traced them onto the gumpaste.
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I know this is an older post, but I am also doing a number topper for the first time. I need to do a 15 and was wondering what the easiest way to do this was. For those who have printed the numbers and used them as a guide, where did you get the print outs? Also, what do you use to attach them to the cake so they don't fall? Do you form them around skewers or something of the like? Thanks for any guidance you can give!
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I just went into Word on my computer tyed in the # and made it as big as I could then printed it out. Then I put toothpicks in the bottom of them when I make them so they are in place when the gumpaste dries. I stopped using the printouts now that I found large # cookie cutters at the craft store.
I also like rolling the gumpaste into a round strip then shaping that piece into the #'s.
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