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MMF Bow - Drooping!

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I just finished my first MMF cake and loved the way the fondant went on the cake without tears! I had a problem with a multi-loop bow that I tried to make... the fondant did not harden enough so the loops just sagged and flattened out... I couldn't use the bow. I had made the loops according to the instructions on this site (2 days ahead of time), has anyone had this problem of the MMF not hardening??
I remember when I made the recipe, I don't think I could knead in the full 2 lbs of sugar, so would that have made the fondant stay soft?
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!
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I have to first say that I have not read the instructions listed on the site so I'm not sure what they advise. Usually if your going to make something like a bow or loops, adding Gum-Tex will help dry and harden so the loops stay, well loopy. Also make sure to bunch up alittle bit of tissue or paper towel and insert in the loop while drying so it doesn't sag and then dry. Hope that helps.

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I agree, because of the moisture and pliability of the marshmallows, IMO I don't think you'll ever get MMF to harden enough for a good bow without adding some gum-tex to it.
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