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We will pack Thursday night and then drive to San Diego on Friday.
The ship is comfortably air conditioned throughout. We have some control in the classrooms.
Expected weather (gazing into a cloudy crystal ball):
Puerto Vallarta 84°/65° 60% chance of Precipitation
Mazatlan 82°/59° 30% chance of Precipitation
Los Cabos 78°/61° 10% chance of Precipitation
San Diego 62°/50° 20% chance of Precipitation
Home 39°/21° 40% chance of snow
Do I need to say why we think this is a good time to cruise!
See you there real soon.
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Rooms have teri robes, water should still be warm enough to swim.
Most staterooms have a fridge, and ask you cabin steward to freeze the ice pack.
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I am so excited.... here are some of the things I have noticed on cruises...I always bring a sweater when I am inside. It is usually nice and cool. I have not booked any exursions.. what are you all doing. The pools are usually heated. Mexico ports love American dollars no need to do an exchange. Pack half of what you planned to bring and bring twice the moneyicon_smile.gif The steward is so helpful, they can help you do anything ice packs extra blankets.. they are like magic.. they just appear everytime you leave the room you come back and it is made up again. There are super cool top notch shows on the boat.. you will be amazed by the entertainment. For first time cruisers, the first night, they will do a safety drill. It kinda takes awhile so dress comfortable and maybe a sweater if we go outside for the drill. Oh, my best tip if you drink soda, like coke diet coke.. get a soda card. I am not sure how much it is.. maybe $40 but it alot cheaper than a soda here and there. I am a diet mt dew diet coke a holic... so I will be getting a card for sure. Other tips for 1st time cruiser.. bring a backpack. You will put your luggage outside your room on the last night. You will need to leave a change of clothes out of that luggage for you to get dressed in and go home in... or you will be in your pajama's.. or if you sleep in the buff....ummm well ummmm. you wont have any clothes. I put all of my pjs and stuff in the backpack. I am not sure about alcohol but my last cruise was 2 bottles a person. Say you buy tequilla at Cabo they will take it when you board and give it back to you when you leave the boat. Wanna free drink... they do cool alcohol demos.... and you can do lots of taste tests free. All your money is on your sign and sale card so you do not need cash on the boat... they will give you a bill at the end of the cruise. Two things I learned... one I usually only use my cell phone for the time.. but on the cruise I need a watch because your phone may not work all the time and the batteries die fast because of roaming. The other, if you wear a skirt or something that doesnt have pockets, all you really need is your room card... so I am not sure if we are getting lanyard id holders or something.. but i bring a shoulder bag or something just to hold a silly card... other tips, put a string or yarn on your luggage that you can identify.. at the end when you go to the huge warehouse to find your luggage... they are all black he he....comfortable shoes... i am always amazed by how much walking I do... I hope these tips help someone.. everything I learned the hard way. Dont forget your passports! Can't wait to see you all next week.
Totally Caked
Totally Caked
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perfect! perfect! thank you so much! Can't wait to see everyone!
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The romos have robes and a small fridge.

Probably bring a light sweater or long sleeves for the ship. When we were on it in May, the temp on shp was perfect. Will be cooler out on deck when we're out on the water.

My mom (who has been to our ports several times) says that the water will be cold - so bring a wet suit if you have one!
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One more question -- how do I iron my clothes??
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The 10 day forecast-
Mazatalan: high 79-84 low 57-64
Puerto Vallarta: high 81-88 low 61-70
Cabo: high 75-80 low 60-64
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Usually there is a public washer and dryer on the ship.I am not sure if they are coin based though.. There is a iron in if I remember correctly.If you really want to spoil yourself, send your clothes out to be washed.... or ironed. Its really not that bad if you iron everything. they may offer a deal on it when you get to the ship, a flat rate for the whold cruise. Once again, not a pro...just lucky to have past cruise experience. icon_smile.gif.. hope this helps....insert giddy smile of excitement here!
Totally Caked
Totally Caked
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The ms Oosterdam does not have a self service laundry. The laundry service is reasonable and for those in the Deluxe Suites, laundry is provided at no cost.
There are some tricks on how you pack your clothes, such as folding off the hanger into half the garment width then rolling it tightly like a sausage then hang as soon as you unpack. Another trick is to hang those needing extra attention in the bathroom for a steaming or use the hair dryer. Your more delicate clothes can be packed in kitchen tidy bags.
I promise, I will have far more on my mind than if anyone has a wrinkle or two.
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thanks john! just so excited! see you in less than a week!
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Shawna- Thanks for all the great reminders! I've only cruised on Princess and they had that soda card also. It was well worth the price.

I just assumed HA would have a coin operated laundry - thanks John for the information on that subject.
Six more sleeps and we're there!!
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HAL does offer a soda card. You can purchase them from any bar.
With the soda cards, the sodas are only served in small glasses so ask for a soda with no ice and a second glass with ice. If you buy a soda not with the soda card, they will serve you the can and a glass with ice. If you have space, you can always pack a few cans in your luggage and chill them in your stateroom fridge. I didn't suggest that though!
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Totallycaked, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all that IMPORTANT info!!!!!! I've never been in a cruise so I welcome all the info I can get. graciasssssssss!!!!! icon_smile.gif
"Life is cake!"
"Life is cake!"
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wow great advice, especially the backpack for the last day. thanks see you there!
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only 5 sleeps left!!!!!
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