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I just received a scathing letter from Ruth0209
because i dared to defend someones right of speech. I contend that the OP said what she said, now get over it. Answer her question or be quiet. The OP didn't intentionally mean to offend, she never called anyone of you personally and insulted your child. She referred to herself. This thread is getting out of hand, and it's just the reason so many people are leaving cake central. She didn't ask you to police her words, she asked for advice. Ruth0209, don't bother PMing me anymore of your vile words. I will block you from now on. Original poster....they want your blood, give it up. They aren't going to drop this until you "aplogize" for something you didn't mean to do. For lords sake, do it, so they'll move on and shut up. I won't be watching this thread anymore, and i hope they block it. It's pretty sad when someone can't get advice because they say a word someone doesn't like.
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This is the reason I don't post anymore, English is my second language and sometimes I use the wrong term for something meaning no harm and people like this would crucified me.

I'm done posting.

Too much negativity and drama. I loved CC but this is ridiculous.

God bless you all
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Seems to me the OP got plenty of advice on her question....also seems to me that there are quite a few that want to shut up the folks that have a bit of a gripe, and yes, they have the right to free speech as well.

You know what really gets to those of us who have a loved one that is mentally when ignorant people use the term to describe themselves or someone else as being retarded because they can't master a task or they are making fun of another being silly or weird.

Now, a sentence can retard the growth of mold by blah blah...or this is a school for the mentally retarded...perfectly acceptable as the word is being used in the proper context. I believe the other posters were just bringing to attention that this word can hurt when used loosely.
The best things in life, are not things.
The best things in life, are not things.
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Originally Posted by Ruth0209

Yep, everyone but the OP it seems. She could have stopped it cold by simply saying, "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to offend." Dont' see that post anywhere...

That's hilarious. Because anyone that's been around here long enough knows 5 million people still would have chimed in with their pro and con opinions. Nothing would have stopped this thread other than a lock by a moderator. Fact.
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icon_eek.gif This post just needs to be locked... Period. We all have different opinions. Can't we (on both sides) let this go? Things have gotten WAAAAY too heated for a stupid internet conversation.
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if the rest of the posts on this thread dont stick to the original question versus a heated debate about the title of this thread I guarentee you a moderator is probably going to lock this thread dead in its tracks, its becoming negative and they frown upon it. and i am speaking from experience. just as a friendly reminder. I have never seen threads like this end nicely thumbsdown.gif
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Well it is time to lock it up and throw away the key!
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Reminds me of the Marauders' Map in Harry Potter....Mischief Managed! icon_biggrin.gificon_biggrin.gif

So who else is so excited they could PEE themselves??! It's tonight!!'s Saturday date night for me! Woooo hooooo!
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I just PM'd a moderator and asked that it be locked. Sorry folks if I ruined this thread for you. This is a subject very close to my heart.

I hope the OP at least got a few good answers to her original question.
It's not good enough that we do our best; sometimes we have to do what's required.

Winston Churchill
It's not good enough that we do our best; sometimes we have to do what's required.

Winston Churchill
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The word "retard" meaning a slowing down, diminution, or hindrance has been a word for a long time... long before it was used to describe a diminished mental capacity... and long before it was used as a slang term.

I'm a proud tappit user too and I'd like to get a Cricut so I can make lettering as small or as big as I want it, but tappits have a nice look to them... all punched out and formed edges... something I don't think letters cut by the Cricut will have.
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WOW.... Can't we all get along? Please.. There is no need for an all out war!

Let's Realize that it is someones prerogative to be upset about a word they find offensive , AND lets also realize that someone may say something not knowing it would be offensive to someone else.

Free speech is fine and Dandy but lets not try to hurt each others feelings.

Not everyone has to like everyone , Heck I don't like most people.. Hahah

I love all my friends here on CC . There is enough negativity in the world without inflicting it on our fellow artisans...

Lets all take a deep breath have a cup of tea and relax..

*Doug: I believe Edna (Tonedna1) has a tutorial on the Tappits on youtube. She is pretty detailed in her instruction.

"Sometimes one creates a dynamic impression by saying something,
and sometimes one creates as significant an impression by remaining silent." The Dalai Lama

Everyone sees what you appear to be,
Few really know what you are....

Everyone sees what you appear to be,
Few really know what you are....
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I'm actually surprised this went as long as it did. Especially when PM's were being made public...sort of. Someone isn't on the ball tonight, or they are letting the CC community as a whole work it out ourselves. I'd like to think the latter. icon_smile.gif
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I'm shocked. Lets talk about the word ni@@a & fa@@ot. There is a reason poeple don't use these words anymore, cause it has been repeatedly stressed that they are offensive. The way the "N" word was used, was to demean people, not used for the definition. When you hear that word, you hear a racist statement. Same thing with retard. You hear soemone say that word, you don't think f "Oh, they have a slow ability in this area", you think of the mentally handicapped, and it is just offensive. And heres the other thing, a black person, a homosexual, they can defend themselves, mentally retarded people can not easily defend themselves, but it still hurts them. Its up to the rest of us to stress the ignorance of that word so it will also be used as the same negative connotation as the "N" worg or the "F" word.

The little baby in my avatar is a BEAUTIFUL downs baby and as far as ALL my BLACK children go, no, they don't see the "N" word as now a word of empowerment, but as the ignorant word its always been used as Doug.
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