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I just ordered every Tappit known to man yesterday! Can't wait to get them! But my method is awesome for fonts other than Tappit offer, or for very specific logos and whatnot. Some of those people on Cakewrecks should try it sometime! Lol!
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Originally Posted by ally38562

OMG...please stop! Did I say I was a retard? No. I said retarded. Big difference if you want to look it up. Retard is a noun (person). Retarded can be used as an adj or verb. Means to slow down, hinder, impede. Look it up

Ally don't worry about it, the majority of us know you meant no harm at all.

I forgot about the original question...........I think the consistency of your butter cream is really important. I've noticed when I forget to thin mine, my writing is not as clean. Try mixing a little more water or milk into the icing that you write with.

MBHazel......we must be about the same age because I remember my 1st grade teacher constantly trying to switch my writing hand....."you'll have all sorts of problems if you continue to write with your left hand" ughhh.......So now I only write and eat left handed and I cut, decorate, bowl, play softball etc right handed.

I'm pretty sure some of the PC people would find this to be child abuse nowadays............but hey, I survived! icon_lol.gif
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OMG--I just looked at that link icon_surprised.gif What a great idea! I have a small light table that I have used for scrapbooking/tracing.
Thanks for the hint! icon_smile.gif
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icon_smile.gif Much nicer than freehanding, eh?
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Hi DKelly, I forgot to mention that, I eat left handed too. So, of course, that is my much stronger side.... icon_rolleyes.gif Truth is, I am pretty good at using both for eating.

Hey Jamie, how small of letters can you do with your method??
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Small as you want! Roll it really thin for small details, and use a very fine point edible marker, or a very fine tip paintbrush with very light coloring in case you make boo boos with your tracing!

Also, I have just used a small blunt tipped GP tool to trace and emboss the pattern ever so slightly, and painted over the embossed area.
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Roll really think so that the detail will show through the "lightbox" and the GP better, the thicker it is, the fuzzier the image.
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I rolled snakes with a fondant smoother and it was great! It is better then using a clay extruder because you don't have to wait for it to firm up to tapper the ends as you would with anything soft enough to get through an extruder without tearing. I also have the funky tappits and I want the script ones now!!! I wish they made them in different sizes though, really small would be nice ya know?
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I've always had trouble with my writing on cakes....No matter what, my words would slant, or the icing would break right in the middle of a letter, or the whole thing written was not centered right......

I can't, even now start with the first words of what I want to write, and work down.

I have to start with the last word. I count how many letters are in it, and then write it.
I move up to the next sentence, count how many letters are in it, so I can get it centered with the first word (s) I wrote, then write it. That's how I do it all each time, and have gotten so much better at it.....
"Every Sweet Dream begins with Chocolate"
"Every Sweet Dream begins with Chocolate"
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Can someone please educate me on what tappits are? They sound interesting.
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Here are some! I don't have them...yet, should be here next Monday. There are funky letters and plain font as well. You use them with thin sheets of GP or fondant.

Here is a cake that tappits were used on:

That Nati...she's one of the Queen's of Cake!
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Originally Posted by MBHazel

The earlier poster is correct it is an arm movement, not like you are writing with a pencil.

Oh, by the way, I hate my roses too. Learn fondant roses, they always look good.

I guess I'm not a great "teacher"... I find it easier to show how it's done, than to explain the steps. I never thought to describe writing as an arm movement thing, but you're right!

Fondant roses might turn out better for some people rather than using buttercream, but they're so time consuming. If you're looking to be more productive or need to make hundreds of roses, keep practicing with BC ally38562! (BTW, you aren't considered a true "cake decorator" by Union standards if you can't make roses, write, or figure pipe. You're considered a "cake icer" if you make borders, leaves, stems, sweetpeas, etc., but you don't qualify for the decorator wages until you've learned those three skills!)

A writing thread came up a couple of weeks ago ("my writing stinks")... I don't know if you read the one from Misserica, but I made a video for her (also posted under "writing (visual tutorial)"). I wrote:

I know that visual aides help a lot of people... it certainly has helped me to be able to watch others write on cakes. So, misserica, this one's for you!
I made a writing visual tutorial in your honor. Hope it helps!
(Or you can click the link in my signature, if it works.)

I hope it helps you too! Keep practicing!
Make tip #127D (giant rose tip) Ruffle cake,
Write with icing,
Make buttercream roses on a stick:
Make tip #127D (giant rose tip) Ruffle cake,
Write with icing,
Make buttercream roses on a stick:
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_Jamie_, Thank you so much for the link. Those look really neat...I want them now.
I just recently purchased the alphabet and number fondant cutouts by Wilton and they were just awful. I wondered if there was some other kind of cutouts out there that looked better and now I know. Thanks for sharing!!!!
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Forgot to mention, I just did a quick google search to find an image of those tappits. I ordered all of them from Global.
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Originally Posted by craftyleah

Sorry ladies, but I've got to be the killjoy here. No, you're not retarded. I'm sure if you were mentally retarded, like my daughter is, you'd be having other difficulties. I really wish people would stop using this as a slang term.

I agree. As another mother of a wonderful daughter with developmental disabilities, every time I see this type of comment it's a tiny little stab in my heart.

Please think about extinguishing this terminology from your vocabulary, at least in a public forum. It's really considered very much like a racial slur.
It's not good enough that we do our best; sometimes we have to do what's required.

Winston Churchill
It's not good enough that we do our best; sometimes we have to do what's required.

Winston Churchill
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