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i do see it in the title. now.. so, you didn,t take anything out of context.. but i am sure this post is harmless. like so many... i am sorry.. that i said you took it out of context.. forgive me..
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I didn't take anything out of context, the post is titled "Rosebuds and writing.... Am I retarded?" Like you said icer101 people should think before they post.
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Originally Posted by icer101

i do see it in the title. now.. so, you didn,t take anything out of context.. but i am sure this post is harmless. like so many... i am sorry.. that i said you took it out of context.. forgive me..

Well Icer speaking for myself I am sick and tired of people throwing around the word "retarded" and calling it "harmless" or telling me to lighten up. I taught special needs kids for years before I was married and ever had my daughter. To you it's nothing but it is offensive.
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I think we should all read this poem, and realize that this is a cake decorating forum, and not necessarily for airing all of our opinions, they will be different anytime you get a group this big together.

I don't think this is the place to sit and argue about every little thing, just discuss cakes.
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I am often offended by people who dress inappropriately for their age or body type... but does that give me the right to confront them about it? No - I know they dress the way they do because they see themself differently than I do, and not to offend me. Why should I make someone feel bad when I know they did not intend to offend me?

Think about it...
It's what you learn after you know it all that counts.
It's what you learn after you know it all that counts.
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Oops! Here's the link. It just ran in the forums yesterday. I just want to be able to post and know that I'm not starting a firestorm. icon_redface.gif
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Well I will go back to lurking because obviously it's offensive to you that some of us who have children that are retarded got offened. I am also here for cake and not drama but I just think people can use other adjectives.
But think about this, those of us who are directly affected with children or other relatives have a different perspective than those who don't.
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My point exactly. Let's keep those perspectives related to cake...please
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Okay, I can see BOTH sides of the story on this one. But my opinion is still a little different.

I have an autistic son (aspergers type). To some people that see him when he is melting down he is just a "rotten brat" who needs better parents. To some people at other times he may seem to behave in a "retarded" manner.

My husband and I don't get upset about words like retarded or brat or whatever because WORDS ARE ONLY WORDS. [u] Words only have the power to affect us if we let them.

If we react to someone saying something like that as just a manner of speech, then he's going to also react poorly to it. Now, I'm not saying that we wouldn't say something if a person said something like that specifically for the purpose of being hateful. That's an entirely different story and I would sooooo open up a can of whoopass on 'em! BUT, there is a big, big difference in people that use those words as a manner of speech and people that use those words to be hateful.

We are all adults that can differentiate between the two, I'm quite sure. I love my little boy more than ANYTHING and will do anything, ANYTHING to protect him. But I also know that I need to choose my battles wisely or I won't have the enrgy (and neither will HE) to fight the battles that are worthwhile.
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I have to say thank you to craftyleah for speaking up-my daughter also has DS, and I was immediately cringing when I read the title of the post. Of course she didn't intentionally mean to offend anyone by writing that-she was only trying to demean negatively comparing herself to people with mental retardation. And I feel the only way we-meaning people who care about someone who is mentally retarded-are ever going to change the ugly meaning of this term that has truly clinical meaning, is by speaking up and letting people know that it is not okay.
I wish I had some constructive advice regarding the OP's issues, but I am new to cake decorating and can't do flowers, and am still working on writing. I'm sure with practice you will get better.
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Wow, didn't mean to underline all that...
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My Wilton 1 cake instructor taught us about printing an outline for something from our computer (like the rainbow on my rainbow cake) and outlining the printed image by punching holes with a toothpick around all the lines....

I tried the same thing with printing out the message I liked (Happy Birthday..., etc) and punching holes with a toothpick...laying the paper over the dried iced BC cake and lightly moving my hand over the paper (same method that you can do with the Viva paper towel)....remove the paper....the toothpick imprints remain on the cake and then I have a guide to follow...

I hope this makes sense.
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I knew this was going to happen when I saw the title of the thread. It's obvious that the OP didn't mean anything by it and I commend the ladies who gently pointed out that it wasn't an appropriate use of the word...It's really true that people whose lives haven't been touched by a certain issue don't realize how offensive words can be. For example, for many years my husband's jokes all included "two midgets and a camera." Now we've got a daughter with a growth problem and that word is a big no-no around here.

But, girls, I have to ask the summer heat getting to us or what??? Are we all PMS-ing at the same time? Lately it seems like about 1/4 of all the threads degenerate into an argument.
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Another thing you can do, is roll out a thin sheet of GP, and make a plaque instead of writing directly on the cake. I can't do it, looks like crap. You can cut the plaque to fit the theme of the cake, color it, do things to hide the fact that it's a plaque....I do this a lot. For my monograms. icon_smile.gif
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OMG!! I was just thinking the same thing...I hate writing on cakes and even worse making buttercream roses. I had to do a sheet cake this past weekend and they wanted writing on it, immediately I freaked out luckily I managed to get it look halfway decent. I had to make about 12 BC roses to get 4 that sort of resembled roses.
"You can pay for school, but you can't buy class."
"You can pay for school, but you can't buy class."
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