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Trouble Packaging Edible Image Cookies

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I made some edible image cookies a few weeks ago using antonia's icing on the NFSC. The cookies looked great, but started to stick to the bag and the image lifted off in some spots when I started packaging them. I have another set due this weekend...everybody loved the other ones, but I was very disappointed. What can I do to prevent the sticking? By the way, I'm in Georgia and it's hot as blazes....should I freeze them as soon as I put them in the bag?

Any suggestions welcomed!

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the same thing happened to me. I used different methods for them.

I think that it might have been because I put the image on the cookie before the RI was dry. The image didn't dry properly.

That did not happen to the cookies that I added the image AFTER the RI was dry.

I hope someone else can help out with this problem..
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I put the image on the icing while it was wet and then left it out to dry...hmmm. Maybe that's my problem.
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Oh.. maybe. ha??? The other batch's RI dried and then I used piping gel to glue the image on to the cookies and the image did not rub off onto the bags.

Let's see what everyone else says.....

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I did once edible image cookie.. It was with glace. I complety dry them and then used vodka (its evaporate quickly) and applyied the image... Was perfect.

I'm too lazy to upload my images so there's my blog :
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When I do these I apply the image to RI when wet then let the cookies dry out of the bag for 24 hours. I have never had a problem and have gotten rave reviews.
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Anyone else had a problem with the edible image sticking? I, too, used Antonia74 RI and applied the image while the icing was wet. My images are sticking to the bag- however, they've only dried overnight. Does letting them dry for a longer period seem to help? Also, does anyone have any thoughts as to what type of material the bag is? I'm using the "crinkly" cellophane. Wonder if using the more plastic type of bag would help?
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I apply my EI, to dry glace (I apply them with tequila).
And I let dry them 24 hours before packaging.
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I've had this happen and I'm sure it's because the icing under the image is not dry. Mine take 3 days to dry out properly.
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hi all,

 im about to do my first batch of cookies with edible images . can you place the images on to fondant(on top of cookies)?? if so do i use vodka and will the image stick to the packagine .

alternatively above mentioned glace? whats the recipe for this? thankyou in adance :-)

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