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help! need help pricing cakes! been asked to do 9x13 buttercream cake, and 3 tiered topsy turvy in fondant too! havent a clue what to charge!!! also how to differentiate cost of buttercream cake and fondant cake?
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It depends on where you live and what the going price is. I charge 25 for the 9x13, as long as it's just buttercream and nothing special, basic price. As for the topsy turvy, I haven't a clue, sorry. Hopefully someone else can answer that for you.
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For topsy, I would look into comparable wedding cake prices and charge 25% more. It is more work to get it right. You'll need to buy a good support system. And there's a lot of artistry in getting the torted layers cut correctly for a good topsey turvey cake. Price it correctly or you'll be the one paying!
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