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Making my first 3-D figurine - few questions

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I am planning on making a cow figurine to use as a cake top, and since this will be my first attempt, I have a couple of questions:

1) I have seen some mention of using Krispie treats when making figurines. Is this done to cut down on the amount of fondant you need to make the body of the figurine? And if so, do you make the shape out of the Krispie treat and then cover in fondant?

2) The cake is for a party this Sunday. How far in advance can I make the figurine? If I can make it ahead of time, what is the best way to store it until I need it?

3) Should I be mixing fondant with gumpaste for the figurine?

4) I found some step by step instructions on the internet for making a cow 3-D figurine, but was wondering if there is a place on this website that explains how figurines are shaped? I am relatively new to this board, and still trying to find my way around.

Thanks for any help! This is a great site, and I'm so glad I found it.
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Shamelessly bumping my own post, because I'm still searching for answers. Can anyone help?

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the first 3d figure I did was suppose to be a giraffe but it look like a cow to me
I went to and there is a intro to sugar models(basic Animals) sheets and I just use that plus a picture to help me
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Hi and welcome. I have never used RCT, I always use a half fondant, half gumpaste mix for 3d figures and you can make them way ahead of time. In fact, the earlier the better so they can dry.
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I will try to help. How big is the cow you are making? Sometimes, rice krispies are used when figures are big. I made a shark out of rice krispies. I make small figures out of 50/50 fondant and gumpaste or fondant mixed with Tylose. You can make the figures way ahead of time. Just keep them lightly covered to keep dust off. I will try to answer any other questions you might have. A polymer clay book of figures is a great resource for making figures.
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Lorraine McKay might have a tutorial on her site. Check that out, she is listed as aine2 on here. hth
Making the world a sweeter place one pastry at a time!!
Making the world a sweeter place one pastry at a time!!
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Oh wow, you all are wonderful! Thanks for answering my questions.

A quick question about posting pictures of cakes: I am going to attempt to copy a 3 tier cow cake that my customer found a picture of on some website. Am I allowed to post a picture of my finished cake if I copy it, or do I have to make some alterations in order to be allowed to post it? Hoping this makes sense. Does to me, but then I know what I'm talking about : )
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You can post your picture! I would definitely give credit to where you got the idea from! And about your figures- I would mix 50/50 fondant gumpaste, and I sometimes use toothpicks and linguini for support! I think people use RKT when they are making really big figures. I made my people figures over about three or four days because I let the legs set and then put the torso on and let it set for a day and then put the arms and heads on and let them set! But if you're making a small cow that probably isn't needed, especially if you use 50/50! PS- I made a 50/50 figure about a month ago and it still looks as good as it did from day one, they keep forever just make sure no one tries to eat it! Hehe! HTH!
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I got a book from Michaels on polymer clay animals, and it was really helpful. You just have to change a few things (like you just need a little gumpaste glue) to attach things, but otherwise its very similar. Also, I have watched all the videos aine2 has on utube and vimeo (her videos are awesome) she goes very step by step, and really takes you from beginning thru every step until the finished product, I highly recommend checking out aine2.
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Have you tried looking at whats in galleries under sketches, patterns & templates? They have some tutorials there. Good Luck
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