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Thanks Eme...

I realize her status here on CC. However, I thought it was in poor taste to use her "twangy" voice just because I used the word fetch. Now...I'm not from the south, but if I was, I'd be a tad uneasy about the comment.

I always preface my posts, no matter how few, with the fact that I'm new and checking things out. Sort of feeling my way as I go. With pricing, techniques as well as the finders fees. I always weigh my thoughts and the thoughts of others who have done this longer when considering the final decision. I have not implemented the finders fee. I've been on the fence about it really. I was just thinking about it. Nor, have I approached local businesses to introduce myself. I'm still planning the best route to get some clients....low budget. Before I rush out into the business world, I wanted to be somewhat prepared. I have great tasting goodies. I came on here to learn how to decorate better.

I was not coming from a mean hearted place....It definitely felt like she was. I would never intentionally post with that attitude. I'm not crushed or anything. Just disappointed.