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I wish I had seen this post earlier, I just made a 360 cake for my hubby on fathers day!
I colored some gray fondant and kind of placed it against the cake(top and bottom sections) to "measure" the shape. I cut the fondant into the shape i needed, making sure to leave a little extra to cut off AFTER I placed it on the cake(better to have too much than not enough fondant to cover the cake).
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so you did the gray sides with fondant? did you do the white main area of the cake first or the gray sides first?

got any pics?? icon_eek.gif i need all the help i can get lol

i might try making the controller soon, if it's from rice krispies treats and fondant/m&ms, how should i store it?
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Unfortunately, my camera was destroyed while I was at the beach this hubby decided to put it in the sand instead of my bag....

I covered the cake in white fondant first, but only on the main part of the cake....I didn't put white fondant on the gray sections.
I actually didn't have time to make the controller, but I did make a game case with green fondant and an edible image(out of the game paper?)
I have made a mushroom out of RKT....I crushed the rice krispies before adding to the mixture(made it a little more sturdy). You could Just leave it out on a counter, especially if no one will be eating it.
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Oh also, any tips for writing with icing?
I bought a small medicine syringe thing since it has a small tip, figured I could fill it with neon green icing and use it to write happy birthday, or trace the power button, etc.
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Or you can use a ziplock freezer bag and cut a tiny hole in the corner, if you aren't able to buy tips, that is. If you are able to buy a few tips I would do it - you can get exactly the size you need.
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definatly use the grey fonant for the sides. you will probably find different people have done it many different ways, so pick which ever seems easiest to you. but its easy to stick fondant to fondant - use water or edible glue.

i dont know how the medical syringe will go, but as mentioned you can just use a food bag. it probably wont be your neatest writing, it can take a bit of practice.

to store the controller, if you want to keep the fondant soft, i would wrap it in clingfilm, and stick it in a box. if you arent too worried about keeping it soft, any box will do, an airtight one will keep it softer.

as for hiding the cake, i would do it on the days you planned, and just tell her to stay out of the kitchen, and where ever you hide it, jut say stay out of that bit. leaving it til the very last night, and only getting a couple of hours sleep is a recipe for disaster.
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started on the controller earlier.. i'm about to cover it with icing then white fondant, then color some gray for the joysticks and to have gray ready for the xbox itself

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lookin good! icon_cool.gif
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looks good so far!
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All I have left now is the gray area on the bottom part that faces you (if i even do that part) and the front trigger buttons (just ran out of white since i started dying it all gray lol) but I'll have white when I make a batch for the console part of the cake. Also need to draw a neon green X on the center button, for the button I just mixed a little of the gray fondant with little pieces of white for a marbled type color so it looks like silver. I'm so anxious to give this to her, so hopefully it holds up well in the container and also inside 2 plastic bags hidden on the counter lol.


Started around 2PM, worked on it for an hour or so till she came over on her lunch break.. then I continued on it till 7PM, so 4 hours total LOL
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Didn't you say this was your first cake? May I just say... OH MY! icon_eek.gif You are doing soooo great!
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Yea it's the first time I've ever made anything like this haha, I used to like sculpting and stuff in school but haven't done anything like it in years, especially edible LOL

Just hoping the actual cake part of it turns out good as well, the fondant was soo much easier to work with than I had expected.. I have the gray batch back in the fridge, gonna make the white when I have some extra time while she's working Saturday night.

Glad I found this site to help me out!
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This could be a great pictorial when you are finished.
It does look great. I think for the cake you are just going to have to lock her out the kitchen so you dont end up getting super stressed on an all nighter.
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When I made mine, I wanted to make the knobs on the controller move so I used toothpicks. The rice krispies keep the toothpick stable and yet you can make it move. Just a suggestion!
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NICE! I definitely gotta get the front trigger buttons added on, and maybe the gray strip on the bottom.. just was worried if I tried adding the strip, it might not look right if the gray sticks out rather than being flush. Thanks for the pics, hoping to get her console half of the cake to come out as nice as yours!
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