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HELP!!! My clay gun came apart...

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Thread Starter clay gun came apart!! The little metal spring and the 4 little rectangular metal things that are located near the red handle came apart!! How do I put them together?? I purchased the clay gun through sugarshack's website. I think I threw away the instruction manual...Please help!!
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Don't panic! I'm going to scan the instructions and post them in a sec...
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See if this works...
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DianeLM...."HECK YEAH" it worked!!! Yay..I am happy I can use it again!! I am a little challenged with putting stuff together icon_sad.gif It took me a while but I got it. Thanks a bunch icon_smile.gif
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Glad it worked! I remember panicking the first time my clay gun fell apart. Since then, I always make sure everything is tight before proceeding.

Don't even ask how I reacted the first time my airbrush fell apart! LOL

Today's Lesson: SAVE THOSE INSTRUCTIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Just make sure everytime you use the clay gun that the black knob on the top is screwed up tight as it has a habit of coming loose when you undo the other two screw points. Hope you understand what I am saying. And always make sure the middle drum goes on with the writing on it facing up towards the knob. If I don't do this the bottom part with the disk in pops off when I start extruding the icing. Not sure if this happens to others but it does to me.
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I accidentally took it apart completely and the handle doesn't work, it says the cam should be above the plates, but what is the cam? there is nothing in the drawings.
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It is the little hooky silver bit that moves the spring up and down and that sits on top of the 4 square metal plates and moves when you press the red handle. I have tried to attach the info sheet and hope it comes out clear as I have scanned it. See the instruction above.
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thank you it all works now.
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I am so glad I came across this thread, and especially Briarview's post! I have no bother putting my gun back together when it comes apart, but recently the end kept popping off, and I couldn't understand why. I just the turned the barrel the other way up like Briarview suggests, and the bottom part immediately screwed on tighter and stays put again in use like it used to. Thank you! 

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THANKS to this post I could reassemble my ********** Gun !



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