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I dont see anything that looks overdone, burnt or black? Is it supposed to be from this cake?
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Thanks for the update, although it doesn;t sound good you are in a good place now, you have pictures, you have evidence, im sure you are recording the dates and times of your converstations since the wedding and making notes about the converstations too, arming yourself so you'll be ready to 'stick it to her' in court. Your cakes weren;t burnt, thats the crust you get when you bake larger size cakes. (i actually like that part the best!!) i also find it strange that she is putting so much energy into this when she is a newly wed!! she should be doing other things!!! good luck though, we've all got your back here.
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Wow that wedding cake is so pretty!! I doubt you will hear from her again, and if you do just tell her to take you to court. No lawyer will waste their time on this one on a contingent basis, and I'm sure she won't pay one by the hour to do so. Sorry you had to deal with this, just a shame what people try to get away with. It was a really lovely cake too. icon_sad.gif
The life so short, the craft so long to learn...(Chaucer)
The life so short, the craft so long to learn...(Chaucer)
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What a beautiful cake!! I don't know what people are thinking sometimes.
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What a psycho moron dumba$$ no brain having piece of crap. Wow. Poor guy that she married....what a loser. That cake looks heavenly...not a thing wrong with it. So sorry you had to deal with such an imbecile. icon_sad.gif
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Originally Posted by solascakes

NO REFUND,not one cent,the cake looks yummy.I want to steal a slice, she is a foolish woman.At least you got pictures let her take you to court.

No! Don't steal it! you will get arrested!
Funny...the cake was so bad and not edible, but heaven forbid you steal a peice!
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Let me also add that I have never seen a white cake without GOLDEN edges. Not brown, black or charred, GOLDEN. If it didn't have that nice edge, I would be concerned. Why don't you buy a costco cake and cut into it, I can guarantee it will look the same!! Then you can shove it in oober bridezilla's face.
Anyway, I think you should just tell her that you do not negotiate with terrorists!
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Calling the police because a decorator attempted to take a piece of cake for a picture? Heaven forbid the cops actually have criminals to arrest.

Again, people with no integrity are taking over the world. So sorry you have to go through this.
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dkelley, I am so glad you mentioned cutting the edges off! I am very new to decorating and I have trimmed all my cakes just for the look of the cut cake. I was starting to think I should not be doing this.

SweetArt, I truley am very sad you have had to deal with this situation. I really feel she will just go away now. You have pictures and tasted the cake yourself. You did not buckle to her threats. I hope you will still be trying to meet with the venue and follow up you visit with them.

Bless you and keep doing what you do. You do amazing work. Keep being a great example to us newbies.
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You cake was beautiful, looked normal to me. I agree that trimming the edges might be an idea for future use. However, I found that using Wilton's cake release makes my cake edges darker than usual. I don't know if you use anything like it but it doesn't affect the taste or done-ness at all. Good luck with this lady.
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That cake looked DEEEEEE-LISH!!! What a foolish girl she must be.
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Ok - can NOT resist the urge to reply.... THE COPS???? Are you kidding me? icon_eek.gif For taking a picture of a piece of cake - which she brought to you to "inspect" & I would suspect can be considered as given to you (how else can you check it?) - Did she want the fork full you tasted back too? UGH- UGH! The cops were probably thinking - "SERIOUSLY?"
Kudos to you for keeping your cool...
As for the lawyer - if this goes anywhere, don't know if it would help but I'd consider baking the same size cake as well as a smaller one to take as further "evidence" of the baking process. So glad you had a chance to take photos - they speak a thousand words. Date & record everything in case she is that bored with her newlywed life & pursues this.
BTW Shouldn't she be on a honeymoon??? She is someone who seriously needs to relax! Sorry you have to go through this.... again - UGH!!!!

PS: as for trimming the cake - when I took a cake class & we had to trim we couldn't resist sneaking a piece of the "cake scraps" - the best part! Delish! hee! icon_biggrin.gif
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Practice random acts of kindness. If everyone did it, the world would be such a better place.
Practice random acts of kindness. If everyone did it, the world would be such a better place.
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Wow. I really can't believe it. Your cake is definitely not burnt.

I once took a yellow cake out of the oven and my friend said "I thought it was a yellow cake". I just stared at her with my mouth hanging open. I explained to her that's what happens with cakes. I still don't think she believed me.
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I realize that to some people money is everything but don't you think that this girl should have been on her honeymoon having a good time. This leaves me wondering what kind of hell she put the bridal dress shop thru also!!!!
So many cakes, so little time!
So many cakes, so little time!
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