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Marbelizing fondant

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I am making a cake for memorial day and would like to marbelize red white and blue fondant to use as a trim around the bottom of the cake. Can someone please explain the process.

Also if I am cutting out stars to use on the cake do I let them dry out? I am not going to cover the cake in fondant just buttercream.

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As far as the marbleizing goes I personally have only used one color, but what I do to achieve that look is I prepare the fondant and a dab of the color of choice and then twist and pull the fondant just a few times. Enough to show a few streaks in the fondant but not to much where the fondant is completely colored. Then I roll it out. I guess if you were to add two colors you could apply one color fold it over and then apply the second color fold it over and begin to pull and twist. Remember...not to to do it to much. Only a few pulls and twists should give you really nice streaks (Hence...the marble look).

As far as the stars go...if they are going to lay flat on the cake I usually don't wait for them to dry. Hope that helps.
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You can color three pieces of fondant, roll each one out in a long rope....braid all 3 together and and then fold them in 1/2 and flatten a bit with your hands and roll out to the size you need. It helps if you start the process with how much you actually need to cover your cake as you can't re-roll the leftovers!
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I roll my colors of fondant into logs. I'd put white between the two colors to help from the colors, this will help from the red and blue blending together too much to form purple or a muddy color. Then twist the logs together, fold then twist, fold and twist, stretching the fondant a little as I need to.

One thing I have learned is stop before your fondant really looks like a marble you would like. As you roll it out the colors will keep blending. If you get it too marbled before you roll it out, then you won't have as much marbling in the finished product.

As far as the stars, it can go either way. If they are laying flat on the cake you can cut them out and let them dry. If you want them to form around curves and edges then you want to put them on the cake right after you cut them.
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My Weight Loss Support Group is The Chunky Monkeys!
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I agree with everyone. Just make sure you don't keep rolling it.
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I did mine the exact way TexasSugar did. I used a larger amount of white, 2 smaller logs of electric blue on opposites and 2 smaller logs of electric purple on the ramaining sides of the white. You can see the results on my computer cake, it turned out really pretty in person.
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