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Haha, the terms are different and it gets confusing, depending on where you live. It also varies from book to book.
Sometimes sugarpaste is the term used for rolled fondant, sometimes it is for gumpaste, sometimes for either/or.
Generally, in the U.S. and Canada it refers to rolled fondant but can refer to gumpaste.
In the U.S. and Canada, rolled fondant is the kind you roll out, poured fondant is the kind that is poured over a cake. Then you have fondant that is used for the centres of candies. Gumpaste is similar to the recipe for rolled fondant but with a hardening agent added in.
Sometimes gumpaste is called modelling paste because you can mold models of various things out of it. Sometimes it is called pastillage but the term pastillage usually refers to a similar but different thing. Then there are different types of pastillage also, just as there are different recipes for fondant and gumpaste.
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