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alice in wonderland ...need ideas

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this cake is due in a few weeks. she wanted a whimsical cake, than she wanted the top tier to be a large 6" cupcake. she also like a pic with lots of regular tiers. so with the large cupcake on top, i am not sure if i do it whimsical it will look good. i can't imagine how that would work out. i also had this great idea to do the bottom tier a top hat, the middle tier a tilted tea pot, and the top the cupcakem but i am waaay too chicken to try that unless i can get some pointers on here. how could i make the middle tier a tea pot without it collapsing. what size pains should i use and what about supports?
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I did a search for pics using "Alice in Wonderland" and came up with a number of photos:

HEre's some with a teapot that perhaps you can contact the CC'er direct who made these for some tips:
A teapot as the 2nd tier:

A teapot cake:

another teapot:
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Hi, this isn't my cake but I love this alice in wonderland cake, its been in my favourite cakes folder for ages! Thought it might help you!

Hope it helps!
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wow that photo indydebi links to with the teapot as the second tier looks exaclty like what you are describing...just replace the mouse in the teapot with a cupcake on top...the cupcake won't be that heavy so i don't think it will cause a problem with the teapot
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