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Fondant on cookie

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I have used royal icing on cookies, but I was thinking of trying the fondant instead. I just wondered if it has the same shelf life as RI? Or can I freeze it? Say if I packaged the cookies, would the fondant still be okay 5-6 days later? thanks!
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okay I have waited 7 hours, so I feel like it is okay to bump myself icon_lol.gif
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I would like to know about fondant on cookies, too.

I read somewhere on CC that some of you put the cut-out fondant shape on the still warm cookie, without piping gel or corn syrup to hold it. Does anyone have any other tips?
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It stays good on cake for awhile and can be frozen so I don't see why not on a cookie...I guess that's not a great answer but its the only answer I know!
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I've heard of plenty people here that use fondant on their cookies... I'd also love to know would the fondant be okay.. And maybe some tips? icon_smile.gif
Live, Love, Laugh
Live, Love, Laugh
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I use fondant on all my cookies now. Most important not use Wilton fondant! icon_evil.gificon_razz.gif

Also, make sure you use a non-spreading cookie recipe because it's a real nightmare when my cookies spread and then my fondant cut-outs don't fit.

The things I love most about fondant is the ability to give it texture - I think that looks so cool.

I always apply hot out of the oven and then use a fondant smoother to gently attach each piece. The easiest thing is to keep track of how many of which designs in which color so you have a list to know what to cut out. I place them all on parchment on a full cookie sheet and then cover with saran wrap until I am ready to attach but the other day I accidentaly left them unwrapped and they got a bit dried out..... but the cool things was then they were easier to handle, didn't distort and softened as soon as they were applied to the heat.
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I use the mmf on cookies all the time, I've also added almond flavoring to the mmf and it goes so well with the cookies! I put the fondant on as soon as the cookies come out of the oven then place them back in for 1 to 2 minutes-being very careful to keep your eye on them. Once out of the oven and they start to cool I use tips or other items to press in designs. My good friend sent me some little butterfly and bug stamps for fondant and I've used those on several different cookie designs. cute!
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merissa, sorry you had to wait so long for a reply.. icon_sad.gif Anyway, fondant cookies are my passion. It takes all I have just to bake the cookies, so I apply the fondant after they are cool. I use thinned corn syrup, brush it on with a 1/2 artist brush, and lay the cut out fondant on. Smooth with your hand or a fondant smoother to be sure it adheres. Then you can immediately decorate it however you wish.

It stays good for several days, it is not the fondant that gets stale, it is the cookie. I freeze mine decorated all the time. You can package them, lay them in an air tight container, and freeze. To thaw, just set container and all on the counter for a few hours. They will be as good as the day you made them, they also still travel well after being frozen. If you don't want to package them, layer them in the container with wax paper, they will do just fine. HTH
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Thanks for the great tips and ideas. But I have another question.....Do you decorate the fondant with royal icing or something else? I'm making some Mother's Day bouquets, and I want to get it right on my first fondant cookie try.
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ahhh thanks everyone! I knew if I waited long enough some generous soul would help me out!

So you are saying the fondant wont get too hard then if I just leave them out for a few days (packaged)? Otherwise freezing sounds like a good option. i have frozen decorated and undecorated (with RI) before with good success. I just ate a cookie out of the freezer last week that had been in there since September and it was good! I just wanted to be sure fondant could be frozen just like yes?
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I LUV fondanton cookies! I apply them warm out of the oven. Yesterday, I made 3 bouquets of 6 cookies each. I had them mixed, cut out, baked, fondant applied and cleaned up in under an hour! I just have to package them today.
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After you apply the fondant, how long do you wait until you can put on the details? And do you apply details with royal or buttercream or something else? Also, what kind of fondant do you use?
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merissa, if you are going to use the cookies in a day or two after baking and decorating, you could just leave them out. If it is going to be longer than that, in order for the cookie to be the freshest it can be, I would freeze. So, yes.
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