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Oh my god, I was thinking the same thing. I was afraid to say anything. I like the old "home" page better. You see the same "new" cakes all day and they are all professional looking. Don't get me wrong, they are beautiful, but what about the rest of us?
I love this site, but now I'm not logging on as much anymore.
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I know that before they were encouraging people to go to the galleries/forums to look at stuff instead of going to the home page. BUT I still find myself mostly looking for interesting photos and topics from the homepage. I don't know if perhaps the change was to again encourage us to go back to the "last uploads" instead of viewing just on the homepage. I do like the new home page, but I agree that I would still like to see the last uploads there too.
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I really don't like the new home page either. We all strive to make the front page even if it is only for a fleeting moment. But it seems now that too has been taken away. No more hopes of our little "15 minutes of fame". I have pictures to upload but it seems that it will take to much effort for no hope of getting there. I too have not logged in as often and can not see me doing so either. Yes we get more inspiration from well done cookies and cakes but not all of us have those talents. Here's hoping things go back to the way they were.
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I do not like the way the home page is set up either. I noticed the same thing with the cakes - you see only the really good ones and then all you see it the same 5 or 6 all day long. I also used to pop in and out of the site during the day to see the cakes but I don't bother now. And it seems that there are not as many good questions and repsonses as there used to be either.

I am not opposed to change but this one is not good. Sometimes old is good and this time the home page should have been left alone. I agree also - there could be a tab for tutorials as they do not all have to be on the home page.

I just loved this site and have learned so much - but I am not visiting it or commenting as often as I used to. BRING BACK THE ORIGINAL HOME PAGE - our opinions must count for something.
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I'm sure they're thinking they just can't please us. First, we complain that the new cakes are only on the home page for such a brief time. Can't they stay there longer? Then, they change the format and we're complaining that the same cakes are there for too long. I guess we're like Goldilocks, waiting for the "just right"! I'm kinda cookie obsessed, so it's no difference for me to go directly to the cookie gallery to see the new uploads. But still, I do miss the variety and quantity of photos that the old format had.
The pessimist complains about the wind;
the optimist expects it to change;
the realist adjusts the sails.
The pessimist complains about the wind;
the optimist expects it to change;
the realist adjusts the sails.
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I agree. It's the same pictures scrolling through the slideshow the entire day and some carry over to the following day. Of course they're going to be the most popular uploads of the day when they get the biggest amount of exposure. I enjoyed signing on and seeing new pictures consistenly pop up on the home page. It gets a little boring seeing the same pictures over and over. Also, I'm not here to get kudos for my cakes so on one hand the slideshow format doesn't matter. However, to give a handful of CCer's almost 24-hour exposure on their cakes is a little unfair. The pictures should be a variety of talent levels and not just those that look flawless.
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I agree with everyone. I am still on here way more than I should be...but that is because I have to search for the new stuff. I use to just sit here and watch the home page...I don't like it so much anymore. The old way way more user friendly...sigh.
Mommy of 3 kids, 1 cat and 2 dogs
Mommy of 3 kids, 1 cat and 2 dogs
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I second that! I liked seeing the different cakes just uploaded, the ones that are most popular and the old favorites! Some days I dont get to get on here and miss some really good ones. And would get the chance by seeing it again at a later date because of all the activity it brought. Not to mention, it was like a goal of mine to get something on the favorites of all time list! Now my dream just got poo-pooed on!
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I would have to agree with everyone. I am still learning so nobody is every going to see my cake pictures. I guess I am just hoping that they are not done yet with the upgrades.

xxxcrossing my fingersxxx
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I do understand what everyone is saying. You get used to something being a certain way and then all of a sudden it's changed. It takes some getting used to. However, that being said, I really love going to the galleries and clicking on last uploads to view the newest photos. I didn't realize how many cake pictures I was actually missing by just looking at the front page all of this time. The change has actually benefited me because it encouraged me to go to the galleries and now I'm viewing cakes that I probably would not have seen just scanning the front page.
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Originally Posted by bonjovibabe

Yup, I agree. I'm not even bothering to upload photos anymore as I don't see how anyone is going to see them unless they go to the galleries to look at the 'Last uploads'! It seems pointless now.

"Last Uploads" is the only way I've looked at photos for months and months. There were too many new cakes loaded everyday for me to try to see them via the home page. My saved-shortcut to CC is the forum page, not the home page .... I haven't gone to the home page in forever.

A big " icon_biggrin.gif " to the person who said "We complain because the pics aren't on there long enough and we complain because they're on there too long!" Yeah, we are a fickle bunch, huh? icon_lol.gificon_lol.gif

I don't know how it works but if the same photos are on the home page all day, then will these 5 photos become the "Most viewed" because it's the only choices folks have via the home page to view cakes? A big Catch-22? Do new people who pop into CC for the first time know about the "last uploads" option? Just askin' ........ icon_rolleyes.gif

While I have my personal preferences, I can live with whatever decisions are made because this site is such an asset to me. My personal preference is "change for improvement" and not "change for the sake of change".
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I cant agree with all of you more!!! I really enjoyed poping in at differnt times of the day to see the newest uploads good or not so good and as well as seeing the best of that days uploads!!! I miss that!!!!
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I don't like it either.

I miss seeing the special occasion section.(Mothers Day , Easter ext)
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I am discouraged by the new homepage. I used to upload my cakes and be proud of myself when they were displayed for the whole CC world to see. constructive critisism was always welcomed. It's not the same anymore. Plus there were so many more cakes on the homepage to see and to learn from with a quick click of a button. I haven't loged on for 3 days. That's an eternity for me since I've been on here at least 57 times a day previously, Just to see the new uploads and be amazed at all the talent.

I do have to say that I really like the option of uploading more pictures of the same cake. That was a great dicision.

I feel like i'm going thru withdrawls.
it's never a bother to help another
it's never a bother to help another
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I have to agree with everyone else here. It was kind of fun to see your newly uploaded pic on the homepage even if it's only there for a quick minute. Although I have to say that I did learn something new today. I didn't realize that you could look at all of the newest uploads until this thread. I browse the galleries fairly frequently for inspiration anyway, but that feature is obviously going to be utlized by this CCer much more.
~My little blog that tells about my little learning experiences~
~My little blog that tells about my little learning experiences~
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