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I miss the old homepage and thumbnails too. This is more work to look up recent uploaded cakes. I love, love, love CC and can't get thru a day without checking it out, but I don't enjoy it as much now. I'm sure I will get use to the changes someday, but if you could add back in some of the information/pictures that was there before with the new format it would be great! I miss all the cake pictures! icon_sad.gif
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I guess I wouldn't mind the slide show so much if the thumnails were still there of "photos added today" and "all time popular photos". I really, really miss those! Now some cakes won't be as popular because if they are not on the home page, not as many people will be viewing them.
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No one cares how much you know until they know how much you care.
I just started a new blog! Check it out:
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I hate to complain, because I really appreciate all Heath and Jackie do. But...I also prefer the old home page. It is more user friendly and a great way to see photos that I wouldn't otherwise have seen. I would be so happy if it is changed back.
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I like the old homepage better too. icon_sad.gif
more cake pictures at!
more cake pictures at!
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IF I had a VOTE, it would be for the old format.......
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Also prefer the old home page. Changes are nice but I think this has made it much more difficult and to find things easily. My home page does not have questions/comments displayed and I sure hope that comes back. I miss being able to see all of the cakes and then being able to click on one if you want more details. I also enjoyed seeing the holiday cakes. You barely have time to select and click now before it goes to the next photo. Some times there are things that should stay the same. New, hip and trendy and "with the times", updated technology isn't always the best.
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I like the old page better too! I usually like new and updated things, am pretty computer savy, love new technology but this page is really hard to navigate!
Don't take for granted what you have today, it may be gone tomorrow! Rest in Peace Momma! 9/24/49 to 11/18/09
Don't take for granted what you have today, it may be gone tomorrow! Rest in Peace Momma! 9/24/49 to 11/18/09
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I like that the pics are bigger and easier to see but I also like the old homepage ....maybe a combination of the old and new can be done? thumbs_up.gif
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I don't want to complain either because I love this place so much but I too prefer the old homepage. I feel like I'm missing stuff this way plus I think the popular cakes of the day rotated before. I feel like I've been looking at the same few cakes since yesterday whereas ever time I refreshed under the old format there would be new popular cakes to look at.
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I liked the format the way it was but this way is good too...actually I kind of like it that the "Recently uploaded photos" are not there....because then people have to go to the gallery to see ALL the recently uploaded photos, and so people have a more equal chance of having people see their new photos. The old way, people would just look at the five or so on the homepage and then once they were gone, they were gone...and its a good way to miss some really good cakes.

So I think its a neat idea to have only the recently popular ones on the homepage.

Same thing with the "All time popular"....there are some older cakes on there from way back when the site started that are not as good (I'm speaking for some of my own) as the newer ones, although they have more views/favs. Again, I love how its only "Recent popular" on the homepage. Great idea.

My only suggestion would be to put the slideshow underneath the "recent posts" like it was before.....and then I do agree to have it updating more often would be great too.
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I also prefer the old format for the picture displays.
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Stop prescription drug abuse-
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I like it ok...change is always something that takes awhile. If it had started out this way, and they recently changed it to how it used to look....we'd be saying the same thing.
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Ditto, I also like the old version. You can see so many more cakes. Here I feel like I'm seeing the same cake for a few hours. I just like variety. But I still love cc.
You can't just eat a piece of cake, you have to eat the cake to pieces! Marilyn
You can't just eat a piece of cake, you have to eat the cake to pieces! Marilyn
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The new way looks more "modern", but I have to admit that I preferred the old way from a functionality standpoint. If I only had a short time available, I could see lots of cakes at a glance, and go straight to the one I wanted to see, with a quick click.

Now there are fewer cakes to see, and I often have to sit and wait (or click and click) to see any cakes I have not seen before. So overall, the home page is not as "fun" for me as it used to be.

I don't think it is just the aspect of CHANGE itself that is hard... I think it is the aspect of losing the variety of choices that you once had, as well as the number of "featured photos".

Of course, I love CC and will stay here no matter what. icon_smile.gif

P.S. I also love the idea of being able to organize my favorite photos into sub-folders so that I can find things more easily.
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There is a lot more coming to the homepage, the site is in a state of flux at the moment.

The thing is, the homepage is not supposed to be the photo homepage, that is what the gallery tab should be and will be. The homepage is meant to be a launch point to all the things the website has to offer.

We have some new features coming in the next week or so, and as they get launched the homepage will fill out.

I know change is hard, but all the changes are meant to allow the site to bring you more uses besides just a forum and a photo gallery.

Give it time and once you get used to it I am confident most people will be happy with the changes over the next few weeks and months.
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