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FLOURPOTS: i find it facinating how different cake decorating is between australia and the US!! i think we must follow in the UK's footsteps?? everything is different i remember when i first found CC i was like what is MMF? what is BC? SMBC? etc haha! and by the way what is yellow cake??? still haven't figured that out! lol!
ELISE: hi! great to see a fellow aussie! where are you? sydney or vic by the sounds of that temp you just popped in their! do you ise anything between you fondant? i didn't use to until i found the ganache method and oh my god your cakes will be so much more moist and delicious! i realised the fondant dries the cake out without something (be it ganache or BC etc) fondant and ganache are a match made in heaven be it choc or white choc all tastes devine! and there are some that don't like fondant so they can peel it off and still have chocolaty goodness!!! highly recomended!
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hey! Yeh i am in Victoria. Where are you in Australia? N sorry that temperature thing was a bit random wasn't it lol

I have made 2 fondant cakes so far but i used a frosting that was practically just egg white and sugar beaten, that i wanted to test, but it was too soft and it oozed out the bottom so that wasn't good for the fondant cake lol but the cake looked absolutely fine in the end (this was when i didn't know much about frostings lol)

But yes i like to put something under my fondant just incase people don't want to eat the fondant and i also think that the cake might be a bit dry with just the fondant.

I am going to try buttercream next and then ganache under my next fondant cakes, especially can't wait to try the ganache icon_biggrin.gif
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I hear you adatay...I still have trouble with recipes written in gram amounts...and those sites that are supposed to help you convert, are for the most part, just plain confusing.

By the many coats of ganache do you put on before the fondant?
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OK. As a ganache newbie, I have to ask....what is meant by the ratios 2 to 1 chocolate and 3 to 1 for the white chocolate? Thanks!
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That would be the amount of chocolate to heavy cream. So, 2 parts choc. to 1 part cream or 3 parts white choc. to 1 part cream.
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correct! its easier than giving you measurements as you will always need different amounts etc, but for instance onw block = 375 gms so you mix that with 187 mls (roughly i usually guestimate lol!)
Flour pots: i just coast until it is the same width as the cake board and straight edged, so you bake a 10" cake split into 3 fill layers and re assemble stick to your cake card with gagnache and then coat the outside so that it is flush with the cake board, viola!
elis: i am on the gold coast, were abouts in vic are you? i am form the mornington peninsula origionally!
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I'm looking to try ganache too. Do you refridgerate your ganache after its on the cake. I thought you would need to with the cream but you can't refridgerate a cake covered in fondant. How does this work?
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Adatay: I am in Melbourne! Have been to the gold coast area once, was very nice up there.

....Glad i came across this post, lots of good info here on ganache icon_biggrin.gif
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As a Brit living in Melbourne, I have found most cake decorating very similiar, the only difference being the almost total use of mud cakes as wedding cakes, instead of the more traditional rich fruit cake that I am used to. When I suggest a fruit cake to brides it is met with horror and 'oh no can't stand fruit cake' which I find a bit sad.
I then explain how the fruit in my cakes is soaked for a week in brandy and the cooked cake is left to mature for at least 3 months, but this usually still doesn't sway them.
I also like to coat my fruit cakes in royal icing, which is unheard of here and becoming rare in England, as it is much easier to cover with fondant and people think royal icing will break their teeth which it won't if it's made correctly.
I am a ganache convert too - great stuff!
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lazysuze: i have to say (much to your horror) i hate fruit cake to loL!!!
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You need to try mine!
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why dies eryone keep saying that!!! haha!! trust me i can't even stand the smell and i refuse to decortate with it lol!! i have decorated other fruit cakes supplied by the bride after being begged and i cursed her the whole time, the lumpy bumpy stinking lump hahahah!! (sorry i am known for my cheekiness!)
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You know, Sugarshack's new topsy turvy video coming out has a whole section on covering cakes with ganashe before covering them with fondant.

On fruitcake, I know that I hated it too until my neighbor bugged the heck out of me to try hers and I finally did and it was very good -- tasted like a fruity gingerbread. She gave me the recipe, I tweaked it and now it's a fave among my customers who like fruitcake. I did have one guy who admits he hates fruitcake try it and he still hated it, so there's no accounting for taste! icon_rolleyes.gificon_lol.gif
To find "THE RECIPE LINKS ARE HERE" thread, click on "Forums", then "Recipes" and it's the first sticky. Latest updates are on (the bottom of) page 10 here:
To find "THE RECIPE LINKS ARE HERE" thread, click on "Forums", then "Recipes" and it's the first sticky. Latest updates are on (the bottom of) page 10 here:
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good question cakesbytanya, u do have to refrigerate ganache because it has cream in it, is that right?
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Hey there!

Just stumbled about this post, i really want to try Ganache, do you have to refrigerate after it is on the cake? or could you leave it out once to fondant is on?

Also what recipe do you think is the best??I have heard so much great things about ganache and really want a great recipe
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