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Originally Posted by adatay

hi patty, any good mudcake or pound cake i think you call it? is fine (sorry if i told you my recipe i would have to kill you lol!!) ganache is easy, cooking chocolate melted mixed with cream at a ratio of 2:1 (2 x choc to 1x cream) leave to cool until the cosistency od whipped cream or BC to use on the cake

LOL ok, but what kind of chocolate though?
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some say you have to use the most expensive imported choclate which probably tastes great but i find your basic cookin melts are easy to melt and mix and taste great too! really up to you what you find easy to use vs quality etc
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Hi I was wondering if this happens to you when you use ganche. I just bought the planet cake book and used their receipe for white choc ganche. I then covered my cake in fondant, later that day the fondant began to look droopy and when we cut the cake the ganche underneth had melted. It said in the planet cake book not to put the cake in the fridge. Not sure what went wrong.
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That is so awesome! Thanks for sharing!! =o)
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Opps icon_redface.gif I forgot to say thanks that was a great tutorial, it's wonderful when people take the time to do these as they are so helpful.
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Wow...your tutorial is amazing!!

THANK YOU for being so generous with us icon_smile.gif .
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Wow! that's a great tutorial. Thank you so much. icon_biggrin.gif
If you put your heart and soul, there's nothing you cannot do!
If you put your heart and soul, there's nothing you cannot do!
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Thank you so much for this tutorial. I really liked it. I need to make a couple of this cakes for next month and this information will be very helpful.
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glad to help!!
cookiesbyms: i live in humid temps and everything can go a bit crazy in these climates, make sure you havn't added to much cream as ganache willl melt quickly if you have, white choc has a quicker melting point as it is softer to start with so you can erer on the cautious side and add a little less cream than the 2:1 raito, i do if i know it is going to be humid, use alchohol not water to attach the fondant as it evaporated and also kills any surface bacteria so that no germs grow between your layers and finaly if the humidity goes nuts leave the cake in an airconditioned room
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Thank you for the wonderful tutorial. I would like to try it in the next couple of weeks for a fundraiser at our school (Wizard of Oz theme). I was wondering, are all of the layers carved the same way? What size cakes did you use. I would like to do a 2 layer cake. Four seems very intimidating. Thanks for sharing.
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yep each tier is done the same way, but the smaller top tiers from 6" and smaller i would recomend you only use a 1" smaller vase card instead of 2" as it is quite hard to cover the small tiers if the base is to skinny, as you get more confident you can make the bases smaller, i know do all my bases 3" smaller then the cake. the four tier in the tute is a 12"10"8"6" so the cake boards i used were 10"8"6"4"
i think for a two tier the best sizes are 10"and 8" cakes which feed about 46 desert sizes (i use the earlene chart not wilton) let me know when you post so i can check out your work!!
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Thank you, the tutorial is awesome. I never understood the process before. Now I am definitely going to give it a try!
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Adatay thanks so much for your help with my ganche problems. Now that I read what you had to say I'm 100% sure that I added too much cream. Will definetly give it another go. THANKS
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Thanks for taking the time and doing this...i really been wanting to try a topsy i just might icon_smile.gif
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glad to help
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