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THAT cake looks scrumptious..thanks for posting! It looks like a cross between a bakhlava and cake....ummmmm. So dulche...have I understood this correct- you make the layers and then when it is about 1" thick you but it inbetween 2 layers of cake as a filling? (The photo looks like the entire thing is a pie and there is no cake to be seen, hence the confusion!) Thanks!
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The photo is the rogel dessert in itself (by the way the white frosting that goes on top is meringue that is put some minutes in the oven to crust and cook).
Some people incorporate this dessert in between layers of cakes. So you can make it 1" to 2" thick and put it in between layers. Just be careful not to put too much syrup on your cake or will soak the flaky layers and they won't be flaky anymore. icon_smile.gif

I am going to try to find the recipe and translate it into English.
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Ok, I found this blog that has pictures of how the rogel dessert is done. You can skip doing the dough by either using filo dough or "empanada" dough rolled thiner (you can buy this at a latin grocery store).
Ask me if you need more clarification

The white icing is italian swiss meringue
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Thanks Dulche...looks easy enough, the layers look more like crisp breads than phyllo but I think the phyllo might end up tasting alot better especially in the middle of the cake. Can't wait to try~!
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Yes, I like the layers thin and flaky, so filo is better... specially if you are going to put it in between a cake

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I tried the microwave method, work very well. Tried it once regular and once with cocoa powder mixed in for a chocolate variation. The longer I cooked it the thicker it question is does that happen when you boil the entire can??? My husband (my top taste tester!) thinks it would be better if it were thinnier so it would seep into the cake layers instead of sitting on top......just wondering what you all think icon_confused.gif
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tonimarie,...the longer you cook it the thicker it does get with the boiling can method, if you are looking for it to be thinner just cook it less. Of course, then it will be lighter in color. I made a cake with dulce filling, cooked for three hours the boiled method and layered it between my cake. The next day when we served it the dulce had completely soaked into the vanilla cake. I was surprized because it was thick when I first spreaded it on.
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sweetcravings-thank you. We actually ate the cake the same day as I made it, next time we'll wait a day for the dulce to sink in icon_rolleyes.gif
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