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The same thing just happened to my cake. I used BC, but instead of following the WASC recipe here is what i did: Followed the recipe on box using milk in place of water & whole eggs instead of egg whites, added 1 pk vanilla pudding,1 cup cake flour,2cups melted sherbert, 1 dram flavoring....i also mixed up a white version(no flavoring,sherbert,flour) and added 1 pk vanilla pudding. The cake tasted AWESOME!, but after a couple minutes the middle sank and the cake was gummy on the inside. Can anyone help? Is there something i can add to the mix to make it rise?[/quote]

I just read this and I know you asked the question a while back, but I thought I'd try to answer it. Did you add all of that extra stuff to just one cake mix or to 2? The WASC recipe only calls for 2 2/3 cup of liquid and then 2 cups of sour cream. You said you only used 1 cup of flour. I think your ratio of dry to wet ingredients was off. But I could be wrong there.

I've been using BC vanilla or golden vanilla and following the recipe as written and the cakes have turned out perfect. I made 4 dozen regular cupcakes and 4 dozen minis over the weekend and they are perfect too. I love the texture of them and they are moist. I have problems with the tops getting a bit sticky if I cover them with plastic wrap, but I guess it's from the moisture that it is trapping in there.

Good luck!