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After seeing many warnings on here about not using DH with WASC, I have used both BC and Pillsbury and both have come out great!
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I've only used pillsbury mix with the WASC and had no problem when I used a heating core. The one time that I didn't use the heating core, the cake took much longer to cook and it didn't rise as well as when I use the core. I also always use the Bake Even strips.

Pillsbury cake mix is my favorite - not a fan at all of DH and I can't remember the last time I used a BC. As with everything else, the mix may be a matter of taste rather than function in the WASC.
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[quote="erinalicia"] When I use DH cake mixes my WASC recipes are really gummy, the tops are sticky and they usually sink in the middle.


The same thing just happened to my cake. I used BC, but instead of following the WASC recipe here is what i did: Followed the recipe on box using milk in place of water & whole eggs instead of egg whites, added 1 pk vanilla pudding,1 cup cake flour,2cups melted sherbert, 1 dram flavoring....i also mixed up a white version(no flavoring,sherbert,flour) and added 1 pk vanilla pudding. The cake tasted AWESOME!, but after a couple minutes the middle sank and the cake was gummy on the inside. Can anyone help? Is there something i can add to the mix to make it rise?
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I only use dh cake mixes and have never had a problem. This is the recipe I use and people just go on and on about the taste of my cakes. I did get this recipe off of cc but dont remember who originally posted it but give them credit not me...

4 eggs
1 cup sour cream
1 tsp any flavor(almond, vanilla or whatever)
1/3 cup oil
1 1/4 cup water
1 cup flour
1 cup sugar
1/3 tsp salt

I bake at 325 and I always use the upside down flower nail in all my cakes bigger than 10 inch. I also wrap my cakes in plastic wrap as soon as they come out of the oven and let then cool on a rack. I just take the plastic wrap and kinda tuck the cake in like a baby. When they are cool I take the wrap off then place on a board for decorating. People just go on and on about how good and moist my cakes are...I hope this will help!
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Tiff - do your WASC cakes hold together when they are cut, rather than falling to pieces ?
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I ALWAYS use DH and have only had a problem with it sinking in the middle on my strawberry cakes and that is because it had to much sugar in it. I used pureed frozen strawberries and should have used a little less of them and more water. The next time I made it it turned out great. If it is crumbly it is baking to long.
It's not how hard you fall, It's how soft you land.
It's not how hard you fall, It's how soft you land.
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How much of the frozen pureed strawberries do you add ? I've been looking for a very strawberry tasting cake recipe.
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I always use DH. I use the WASC on Edna's (from CC) website. I have only used the white mix but I never had a problem. My cakes are always moist, flavorful, and do not crumble when cut. I also bake at 325, use the flower nail and the bake even strips. Sometimes the tops are a little sticky after they cool but the inside is just right.
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I've used the WASC recipe from Macsmom. Check out the recipes from the Gourmet Flavor thread that are all WASC

I've only used these recipes along with BC cake mix and never had a problem with any of the recipes. Hope this helps
Smile, it just might make someone else's day a little better
Smile, it just might make someone else's day a little better
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I just took a WASC cake out of the oven and it sank in the middle! I also have this problem when I make it a cake (cupcakes turn out perfect!). I used Pills mix because that is all I had. I don't have bake even strips so I think tomorrow I am going to go get some and try this cake again!
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Add me to the list of unsuccessful WASC bakers. Tried to make a flavored version this week, had to throw it out, it was like eating goo.
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I've had the same problems with the wasc. I love the flavor but the texture is just gooey. I experimented with it and I've found if you reduce the sugar to half and the sour cream to half it's MUCH better. I also add some baking powder for good measure.
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I use the original recipe by Kakeladi and I've never had a problem with sinking or the inside of the cake being to gooey, etc. Most of the time I use BC. It does get sticky on the top after it has cooled, but I cut or peel that part off. I've used DH without any problems. Here recently I had to use Pilsbury and everyone loved it, but I prefer BC or DH.

I've tried the chocolate wasc version twice. I didn't taste the first one, but my friend like it. I had it the second time, but I didn't like it. I think it could have been b/c I overcooked it so it wasn't at moist as I like.
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Has anyone noticed with the DH WASC cakes that you are not getting as much batter as before?? I know this was mentioned in another thread and if it's true than adding 1 full cup of sugar to a mix that is giving less batter could be causing the problems. Does anyone have an "old" box" of DH Classic White that you could give us the weight listed on the box compared to the weight of a new box of mix. I know I have used WASC with DH for the last 2 years with no issues until just this month - sticky and gummy in texture and I have changed nothing that I do. I think I will experiment with the 1/2 cup sugar and 1/2 cup sour cream and see if that makes a difference. I'll post my results after wards.
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I haven't made the WASC yet but plan to this week. I use only BC mixes with 1/2box pudding mix per BC mix. I also use the same for DH orange and red velvet.
It is my understanding the DH doesn't have pudding.

I also use jumbo eggs for all my cakes that might make a differenct too.
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