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wasc disaster what did i do wrong?

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i made a batch of the wasc 2x8 and 1x6.
the 2 eight inches came out with cracks at the top and the little 6 took a LONG time to bake! and sunk in the middle.
i have only cut up the 6 and the texture is like dough.
you cant swallow the cake it turns into a gummy ball in your mouth.
the cake is moist enough i see small holes (no tunneling) what did i do wrong?
i have not cut into the eight but im presuming its going to be the same.
ive used the chocolate wasc all the time and this is my first time with the white... but i dont know what ive done wrong?
the choc one was superb texture,taste and all please help!!
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what brand cake mix did you use? I always end up having to bake my cakes a long time even at 325 degrees. you might check your oven temp. When I use DH cake mixes my WASC recipes are really gummy, the tops are sticky and they usually sink in the middle.

Don't know if that helps you, but maybe someone else can help.
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which wasc recipe did you use for the chocolate, then the white?
"It's not about who you've known the longest, it's about who came and never left your side."

"It's not about who you've known the longest, it's about who came and never left your side."

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yes i used DH white cake mix
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i used the wasc receipe by denise
and one time i read about using the same receipe with subs for the chocolate- so in answer to your question same receipe for both with the exceptions of white/cho mix and cocoa/flour combo
hope that makes sense
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I love the WASC recipe. It is really the only recipe I use for all the cakes I make, with the exception of pound cake. I've used it with yellow, chocolate, white, orange, and I'll be using it for strawberry for my next cake.

It really is worth it to try the recipe again with a different brand perhaps. I've had a few flops, but it was always with a DH mix or from my own mistakes.

Better luck next time. icon_smile.gif
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I have been using Duncan Hines for my WASC cakes but I do have problems with the centers being too moist, even though I bake at 325 for longer than usual. My Wilton instructor said to use DH mixes though because Pillsbury and Betty Crocker include pudding in them for moistness and adding sour cream to that type of mix makes it way too moist to turn out well. Therefore, DH should work fine. I'd like to hear from others on this issue.
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I don't usually have any issues when I use Betty Crocker mixes. I don't like Pillsbury cake mix at all so I've never tried it in the WASC recipe.
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Does DH mix have pudding in it? I use BC because no pudding and both the chocolate WASC and the white come out beautifully. Try Betty Crocker, no pudding. Maybe the cake already has enough moisture in the recipe.
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Hi Everyone,

I am getting ready to make the WASC cake for the first time for a cake due tomorrow. I planned on using Phillsbuy White Cake mix and following the recipe. Now I am scared!!! What should I do?

Also, I have no idea how long to cook this cake at 325*. Can someone help?

Thank you SOOO much!

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I just did a test run with the wasc and DH mix. Since I had previously heard alot about the problem with the mix sinking in the middle and I'm a diehard DH fan, I went ahead and added an extra egg using the wasc recipe w/the oil but subbed the egg whites with whole eggs (4 total for a 1/2 batch). Apparently the DH mix contains more sugar than the other two brands, which is why it has a tendency to sink. I figured that since eggs are used to help the cake rise, this should do the trick. The cake came out perfectly even and cooked well in the center, though maybe it was just the luck of the draw? I also use a well greased nail head in the center and baking strips for even baking.

Just an added note: Even though I'm a DH fan, I did try a white wasc with Betty Crocker and it turned out fabulous as well (according to the party guests anyway : ). I have heard that some people add an additional box of pudding to their wasc with both Betty Crocker and Pillsbury w/no problems, though I haven't tried it yet.

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From reading all other posts I think maybe I misunderstood my instructor. So of these three mixes: DH, BC, and Pills. which ones use pudding in the mix and which do not.
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O.K. Ladies, from the previous posts, I went and got Betty Crocer for my cake due tomorrow.

Flowerbud, I know that Phillsbury does have pudding in the mix. I do not know about the others, sorry.

I am going to try the BC mix, wish me luck because I need it!!

Thank you all!!
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OK...I wish you lots of luck....Go for it!
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From what I understand, DH is the only one that does not contain pudding in the mix. You'd be safer going with BC or Pillsbury if you want to avoid sinking. Good luck!
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