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Again, thank you everyone for the help. I actually went to check at walmart, and I found the 12 pack of the lights that you are talking about. They look like they are going to work great. I will definitely post pictures when I am done. I hope I dont mess up the cake though, I really have never sculpted something so delicate. I am excited to get started!!! icon_biggrin.gif
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lovepug--how big are these lights, and were they in wedding or crafts? Did you say they aren't on Our Wallyworld is in the process of growing up to be a Super Walmart and everything is a big mess.
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You can buy pretty much everything you need including lights, wiring and the switch to turn them off and on at Radio Shack.
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The lights are maybe a little longer than a half inch but they shine brightly. They are perfect for what I am trying to do, no wires, no mess! icon_smile.gif I think I am going to enclose them in fondant and I may find something to go over the top but I dont think I need to. I had no idea that I could find them at walmart! It was a great suggestion, so thank you! I went right to the wedding section and they were right there. icon_biggrin.gif
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Radio shack also has lights that have no wires and they have different color ones.
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Unfortunately it looks like I may need to scrap the idea for now. I started to buy some of what I need and already it has cost $40 and that would normally be fine, but I just got a call today that my contract that I put on a house has been approved. I think I am going to need to take what I got back for now and give this a go once everything is set with the house. Thanks again to everyone! I am disappointed, I really wanted to do this project and I wanted to have pictures to share. I definitely will eventually make a cake, and then I will post pictures.
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Ok, I have changed my mind again. My heart is too set on making this cake, I dont think I can give it up. I am going to attempt to make it anyways, so I should have pictures to post soon. icon_smile.gif
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YAY!!! The camaro is complete! I used the lights from walmart and they look awesome!! I am so excited for him to see his cake!!
I am posting pictures now. please look!! This is my first cake ever and I was brave and used fondant. I had trouble rolling it thin so the pieces are heavy causing it to droop more than planned, but it still looks awesome. I think this is going to be my new hobby!! icon_smile.gif
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I'm glad you decided to go through with the cake. You did an excellent job and the headlights look awesome! You did a very impressive job for this to have been your first time working with fondant. I'm sure your boyfriend loved it.
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Wow your cake looks pretty good. I am making a z28 camaro cake for my fiance's groom cake at our wedding. I never thought about the headlights, thats a good idea.
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