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Forgive me, but are they anything like an oreo cakester?
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Hey Chass ! Yes they are only bigger and better homemade! Of course my oatmeal cream pies are made from an oatmeal cookie!
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In PA, the popular flavors are choc, red velvet, and pumpkin...I personally prefer the pumpkin (less sweet).

Also, if the big size of the maine ones scare can just make smaller drops of batter. I make them from minis (about 1/2 dollar size) to about 2-3 inches. I have seen them palm sized and even plate sized though. I think the plate size is definately a WOW! factor thing. You should prbably have a group for that size one!
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acookieobsession.. Do the pumpkin have a cream cheese filing or what ?
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I have made them both ways. But in PA when my MIL buys them they all have the same filling.

I like the cream cheese filling..also i added maple syrup to the crm cheese once to have pumpkin whoopie pies with maple cream cheese filling..mmmmm!
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Oh that sounds yummy! Thanks !
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I've never had an oreo cakester, so I don't know if they're like whoopie pies. I googled them and they look a little like a whoopie pie, but so neat and perfect. I never had a neat and perfect whoopie pie. Wonder if it tastes as good as a messy one! icon_biggrin.gif
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I read most of the responses, but I didn't understand if we can just use a regular cake recipe and drop it in scoops onto the baking pan.

Acookieobsession: that maple cream cheese filling almost made me pee my pants it sounds so good!!!
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I'm trying the chocolate ones tonight. But the pumpkin one the cream cheese frosting sound divine. How do you make these? I can make those tomorrow right? icon_lol.gif
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Does anyone have a recipe for these? Are they easy? I see they are messy, and that's a good thing for my kind of baking!! I may try them for hubby's boss
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HeidiCrumbs and chassidyg, there are some good recipes already posted in this thread. Enjoy!

Karema, let us know how you made out and if any whoopie pies survived the night. icon_biggrin.gif
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is there a recipe for using a cake mix to make these??
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Originally Posted by mellee

K2cakes, congrats on your ongoing business, whoopie pies and all! I would like to PM you sometime if that is OK.

Mellee~ you can PM me. icon_smile.gif
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Originally Posted by confectionaryperfection

is there a recipe for using a cake mix to make these??

I've seen them online, but don't have one. A quick google search and you will definitely find one.

You honestly don't need a cake mix though. The recipes I have tried have all been "quickbread" type recipes. You just dump and mix...super simple.

Here is the pumpkin recipe I used for those that asked for one.
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Of Course Karema, and then you can send me some, lol icon_wink.gif
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