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Left My (dis)Comfort Zone, Michele, You're My Hero!

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I just ventured out of the uncertainty of MMF and tried Michele's. I added 6oz of Ghiradelli white melting chocolate to the cooking process.
Now, listen carefully... I WILL NEVER EVER GO BACK TO MMF AGAIN!

I urge you all, RUN, do not walk, to your nearest store and pickup some gelatin and corn syrup and never look back!


Talk about a taste difference... and the ease of use with her recipe was amazing. I love working with fondant, MMF is all I've used. I always dreaded it because you just never really knew how it was going to turn out or how it was going to react after resting, not to mention the covering process because MMF was always so unpredictable. After using Michele's, I will never ever dread it again! It was beautiful to work with, no rips, no bubble, no issues. It covered great, simple, smooth. taste? I could go on with the praises... yum!

I always waited to add colors until I'm ready to use it because I make it in advance. Even adding and kneading in the color was easier and quicker with much less effort. I am in love with fondant-ing again!

I know most of you have read all of this before, as did I, but seriously, why did I wait so long to listen?? heh
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thanks for that, Im about to make my first batch as well.
Im gearing up for a Grand Opening cake for a local spa/salon and I want a silky smooth finish (black and red I a glutton for punishment or what??)

I must try a batch as a trial to get used to it before I dive in....making my first WASC too icon_biggrin.gif
I love this site!
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chilz 822, could you tell me what the recipe is listed under. I always use only buttercream due to hating the taste of fondant. It would be nice to find a fondant that tasted good.
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i would like to try this recipe also....where can i find it? thanks. hammer1
"Tomorrow is another day." Scarlett O'Hara my hero.
"Tomorrow is another day." Scarlett O'Hara my hero.
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here you go:

You can add any flavoring to you that you'd like. I added 6oz chocolate to mine during the cooking stage, per a suggestion from Michele, and it was wonderful. Excellent pliability and texture and tasted yummy!
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I just used my first batch of it as well, and it was wonderful!! Rave reviews on the taste, and it was such a dream to work with. I made a wrestling ring (he's a huge WWE fan) cake for my future stepson's 17th birthday, and what I thought was going to be a nightmare (black fondant!) really wasn't bad at all. I will most definitely never go back to MMF.
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High-five BabeyCakey! I'm singing it from the mountaintops (IF there were mountaintops in Florida!).
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Same here, chilz822! Though no mountains here in Louisiana! I'll definitely have to try adding chocolate to the recipe. I haven't ventured out quite that far, but I'll bet it's wonderful!
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So, Chilz, you just pour the melted chocolate into the cooking process or you put the chips in and let them melt with the other ingredients?
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I have a question I'm a little embarressed to ask cause it's probably obvious to eveyone else but...

what is glycerin icon_redface.gif

and where do you buy it.

thanks for your post, I'd love to try this.
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jawdroppingcakes (love your screen name!), I added chopped up white chocolate (chips would also work) to the melting process. I removed from heat when everything was almost completely melted and let the process continue off the heat. I stirred constantly.

nannie, glycerine is a thick liquidy substance that you add to it to give it some stretch and pliability. It's sold in craft stores like Michaels alongside the other Wilton supplies. Comes in a little bottle like their flavorings. I've also read that you can get it at health food stores cheaper.

Here's a short thread discussing 2 ways to use chocolate and is even commented on by Michele herself at the end...
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I guess I know what I'll be spending my next Michaels coupon on icon_razz.gif
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nah, it's cheap, save your coupon for a cool pan or something!
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cute puppy in your avatar, what kind is it?
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That's BuddyLee, my 10-year old poodle/pomeranian (and my heart!).
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