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oh thats awesome. I also use word of mouth but it seems like its mainly holidays which drum up business. The kids are grown and far away. icon_smile.gif
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Twopeas - I ordered almost the same boxes that you did! Funny! I got mine very fast too, even the ones that had to be shipped from a different warehouse. I will definetly order from them again, good company. However, I didn't find the crayon ones that were mentioned, did you?

Question - Did you get the big bags to wrap the whole bouquet in? They recommended a certain size for the large and small boxes but I wanted to ask around first. Or do you use something totally different? BTW, I can't believe you're a teacher and find time to do cookies!! You are amazing!!
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No, I did not get the large ones to wrap the whole bouquet. I usually just wrap each cookie by itself and that is all unless it is for an auction or some really nice things.

Let's just say that some nights I am working VERY late. My two boys are 10 and 13 though and they help ALOT. They help mix the dough, roll and cut. Then they help put the finished cookies in the bags. If we have several orders like on Valentine's and like we will for Easter, we all go together to deliver. It is a nice family time and I learn a bunch about them and their days! icon_lol.gif
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HeidiCrumbs, I guess great minds think alike! ! ! icon_rolleyes.gif
I did not see the crayon box but I was not looking for it. I ordered a copy of their catalog but I left it at school so I will check tomorrow. If I find it, I will PM you the catalog number.
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i love nashville. i order from them all the time. i use the large bags to put the whole basket into. it just gives it a nice finished look. i have the small for the smaller boxes and the large for the larger.
i have also ordered from richkat products. here's a link to the crayon box. i don't think i've ordered that one from nashville. the good thing about richkat is that you can order 1 of these, 2 of those. i was able to test out several designs.
There are no excuses for success!
There are no excuses for success!
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Just wanted to chime in and say that I LOVE Nashville Wraps! It's a really good company. I would suggest getting on their email list. You can see when they are having sales/clearances/etc. Also, the owner has an excellent blog that she does with business-related topics. I don't have my business up and running yet (still on the side), but the info is so valuable whether starting a business or not.
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