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Nice to see local people! (well relatively anyway!)

I'm in Swansea, been making cakes for 3+ years, but finally went into business 3 months ago.

I always use VS for my cupcakes but I use a 'genoese' recipe for my larger cakes cos its stays moister longer than VS imo.
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Natt love your cakes, I have to make a minion cake Next week alittle different from yours as they
want a round cake.
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Wow, how has it taken me so long to spot this thread?! Doh!

My name is Mel and I currently work from home (after quitting my horribly dull day job last year) near Oxford. Been baking and decorating for years, but finally got the guts to start my business after a bit of a life 'wake up call' and I realised that life's too short not to at least try and do something that makes you happy! And so far it's going really well icon_smile.gif

Looking forward to chatting to you all more!

Oh and can I just say - I just spotted your avatar Snowflakebunny, and OMG I saw that cake at Cake Intl last year and I totally fell in love with it!! It's so amazing, I took so many pictures to try and figure out how you constructed that, it's gorgeous!

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ive made a madeira cake and iced and used chocolate buttercream ive been let down by someone wanting it that was 2 wks ago could someone please tell me if it is still edible, or is it ready for the  dustbin :( i would be grateful for any reply many thanx .

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Hi swordfish,


If you have put it in the freezer, then yes. You can use it. You can keep a cake in the freezer up to 3 months. If not, then chuck it in the bin. HTH.  :) 

If you put your heart and soul, there's nothing you cannot do!
If you put your heart and soul, there's nothing you cannot do!
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hi bashini,

 many thanx for your reply bin it is then .:(

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Hi Mel, I wished I had the guts to do the same as you, quit my job and have my hobby army job, love doing this so much more.
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Hi Nannycooks icon_smile.gif

It was really scary, but DH & I went through some personal stuff last year which made us reevaluate things, and decided life was too short not to at least try and see if I could do this. We are really fortunate that I could do this though and I totally love DH for supporting me! I've given myself to the end of the year to see if we think it's going to be a viable business, and so far things are going pretty well icon_smile.gif

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Yes Mel I know what you mean, however my husbands was made redundant few yrs ago so I'm the bread winner now, if he hadn't I definitely would do it, I'm really trying to build up my business, and I am turning people down as I cant fit them in, I work every Sat too so my only option is to make them after work at night and on my day off in the week, I get tired and irritable as this is what I want to do, its making that jump though.
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Oh no, sorry to hear about your husbands job icon_sad.gif Hopefully you will get your chance one day though, it certainly sounds like you have the customer base to make a go of it if you are that busy! icon_smile.gif
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Hello! My name is Ceri and I'm from just outside Newport SE Wales.  I only do cakes for close friends and family.  I have a farm, construction business, house renovation and two young boys so I'm limited on time to concentrate.  I have done the sums and its not a profitable business for me. I worked out I'm only making £20 profit on the odd cake which is not an option.


Looking at the amazing standard and quality of cakes made in this area I cant compete with the standard and levels expected by the top end. If I did consider doing cakes in the future I would aim to the higher end as you are battling with so many other homebakers/supermarkets when doing value cakes.


So I just do the odd cake when it suits me.  I enjoy the crafting and taking ideas and implementing them into my design. My boys expect a great cake now at birthdays so no pressure!!!


Like you Nanny I do much late at night which is no good as last night I was in bed 8pm as I get very fatigued. Coupled with spending time on the rowing machine (which is killing me!).

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I'm looking at feedback on what is the best sugarpaste to use for larger cakes.  I have a plain wedding cake to do.  I cant afford it to tear or elephant skin.


So far I have read Satin Ice or Covapaste is great for coverage.  Because I dont need a lot of SP cost is not an issue.  


Taste wise Regal is horrible.  I used a Sainsburys one last week and was surprised how nice it was yet too soft.  If you had a soft SP could you add gumpaste/Tag to it at a percentage to give the strength? I can afford for tearing on the corners it was to be firm too if the cake is plain.


What about Sattina, Squires Kitchen? Anyone got good reviews on this one? It has to be firm and taste ok.


Because I chocolate ganche I do get bits on the SP so considering double layer, 1st one to cover the chocolate to prevent any contamination from my fingers. As for thickness it it an issue as the guests only have a finger piece so the SP is only on the very top.


Thanks in anticipation.

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I used SatinIce once and liked it. I also used Renshaws Regal Ice Celebration (Ivory) for the wedding cake in my photos. Generally I use the Tesco sugarpaste for most of my cakes. I can tell you though that over the weekend I used Renshaws Décor Ice for the Ferrari cake I made (photo posted today) as I needed a deep red and frankly it was the worst sugarpaste I have ever worked with - far too soft,  even before I had to start adding extra red colour to deepen the shade. Hopefully it and I will never have to come together again!  It's a pity though because they have a good range of colours.

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Quite amazing Catsmum you obviously are very talented with scale models. ! Fantastic


How do I view your photos?  I struggle to see - I can see your posts but not photos?

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Sorry - found the photos right down the bottom of the page!! Catsmum on the Shimmer wedding cake - was this an ivory cake that you brushed shimmer over - or better technique? Ta

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