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Oh wow k8memphis, that's a lovely comment, thank you.

To be honest I wasn't sure how to tackle the decoration, especially the middle tier as didn't want it all white, kinda pleased with how it turned out, just gotta get it to the venue, a castle.
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Nanny that's looks great simple but effective 👍👍
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Nanny that Is a stunning cake, really stunning!
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Originally Posted by Loubee View Post

Jean and nanny your drunken stories had me in giggles.

Everyone that's ill, you're not alone, I'm feeling awful today going to go to bed soon and hope that an early night will help me feel better. Had a rubbish day as well slipped on my way into work in front of parents and hurt my leg, then I know this next complaint is really petty but it's upset me, I got left out of the presents by one child, even the lady that volunteers one day a week got one but I didn't get one, plus another child left me out every other staff in class got one bar me. I probably sound like a spoilt brat but it just makes me a bit sad. On the plus side it's my last morning tomorrow then two weeks off.


Gosh Loubee, I'm desperate to avoid this! I asked a friend (a parent who volunteers at the school one day a week) who, apart from the teacher, helps out in my daughter's class. I got 4 people presents, plus the teacher makes 5. All cupcakes and cake. I really hope I haven't left anyone out! So sorry you've been left out. Hugs xxx


Nanny, that's pants (you getting flowers after being with the company so long)!! You're being the bigger person though. I wish I cared less about things like that. Your cake is fabulous! You've done a lovely job with it. Bride will be over the moon :)


Chezza lovely cakes!


Siany, hope your gingerbread comes out ok. It really is annoying when baking doesn't turn out the way you want!


I decorated the teacher's cake, but experimented with sharp edges. Not too bad but I decided to stop when I got to this point, as I was happy with it enough and I was fed up going round and round trying to sharpen the edges.



Not the most original but here it is all decorated



This is one of three fruit cakes I decorated for friends. By this point, I just wanted them over and done with as I was so tired- shows doesn't it! My back is aching too.



Reason I'm knackered was because my friend got taken into hospital again last night (same one who had aneurysm) and my friend's hubby asked if I'd have their son over for the night. Poor chap thought he was going to be able to play but instead got put into bed as it was already 9pm. Long story short, lots of tears (from my kid and their son), Victor made himself sick (does it every night apparently- don't ask), finally both fell asleep at 10pm, Victor woke up crying at 1am, so put him in bed with me. He talks in his sleep and it's like he's wrestling with someone!!! Argh.


Won't go into details as my friend's health is an on-going thing (she was in hospital for a few days just last week), but her hubby says doctors don't think she'll be there long. 

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Petitecat lovely cakes make mine look pants lol
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Oh dear jean, this is the same friend who is ill isn't it? I am so sorry. Stay strong jean, and take care of you too.

Love your cakes, so neat.
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Just zipping in quickly as I wanted to see how you were doing Nanny, and it's beautiful!! Love the top arrangement, the white roses with the big poinsettia look lovely, and the holly trim in the middle tier is spot on, breaks the colour up perfectly. Hope your cold is going away too x

Jean, love your cakes too, very pretty! So sorry to hear about your friend, poor things and poor you :/ Be thinking of you all and hoping for a speedy recovery x

I'm off the clock with cooking this Christmas, Christmas Day is at the in laws, and Boxing Day at my sisters! Although I'm pitching in with some of the food on Boxing Day - namely a chocolate raspberry trifle!

Right, dashing off again but will be back soon for a proper catchup!

Hope your cakes go ok Kuuushi, and hope you are feeling ok Kathy?

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Thanks lelly.

Thank you Mel, I love it now,the holly in the middle was actually Sarah's idea as really didn't know how to tackle it, I told her she was a genius.

A bit worried about transporting it, gonna take supplies royal icing etc incase something breaks on the way, i'm expecting it to as one of the leaves broke earlier today.

Thank my cold is going, must admit I found this a tough one with a nasty cold, but never mind it's done and i'm happy with it.

Hope kathy's okay, she has a bad cold too, bless her.

Never known this thread so quiet.
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Oh Mel, trifle has to be my favourite dessert.

I made this last yr, it was to die for.
made pecan brownies which I had a few left over, put them in the bottom of a dish, covered them with Morrello cherries, with the drained liquid I heated it up with some cornflour to thicken it, added some almond extract, covered that with a thick ganache type custaRd, then cut up a M&S choc cover Swiss roll layered that on top, more cherries then double cream and flake, omg,yum yum yum.
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Hello all icon_smile.gif

Jean, I'm so sorry to hear about your friend. I hope she's out of hospital soon, it must be unbelievably stressful for everyone icon_sad.gif Have you got Victor again tonight or will you be able to have a bit of a rest?

Your cakes are really pretty. You're good doing pressies for the teachers. I used to do one full size cake each for them (because the kids asked for gifts) and one for the office (because they were fab) at the end of the Summer term and that was it. I could never bring myself to buy something for them as MIL used to work in a charity shop and more than once had black bin liners of unopened presents to teachers dropped off icon_eek.gificon_mad.gif

Nanny, I'm going to stop listening when you say you're worried about a cake - it's just beautiful, just like we all knew (and told you I might add) it would be!! icon_smile.gif

Turkey talk - my sister is getting ours this year. Normally she gets it from her butcher, but this year she's getting it from a friend who rears them. They are free range and cared for to the extent that they have names!! I have made it very clear I do not want to know the names of the two we're having! I don't have any problems with knowing where meat comes from, but I draw the line at being able to name my dinner!

I finished my last cake yesterday, and thankfully he's messaged me today to say he (and more importantly his girlfriend who it was for) loved it. I was so worried about this one as I have had more contact with this bloke than with the brides I've done cakes for!! Honestly, messages flying at me asking questions, checking this checking that, asking how it was coming along, was it done yet, how long will it take once it's started. I really thought he was going to be hugely underwhelmed but he sent several 'thank you's' both when I sent the photo and today after they'd had it last night, and he's left a 5* review on fb, so I've relaxed icon_biggrin.gificon_smile.gif

I was also up till gone 3 this morning painting our new back room ready for carpet today! You know when you get to the point of being so tired that you're shaking and feel like vomming? I hit that at about 1.30, but had to keep going. Well worth it though as we've got a lovely room with upgraded (the suppliers couldn't fit the one we chose without cutting it so upgraded us as they didn't want to give a sub-par service!) thick thick thick carpet. Squeeee!

How are you feeling now Cheryl? Getting better I hope?

Where's Maisie hiding btw? I haven't seen her except for a couple of pop-in-pop-out messages in the last few days!
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Where's your cake lizzy?
its funny isn't it? My bride has left me alone completely, a bit odd really.

I bet your cake was amazing, they always are.

Well thank you for the vote of confidence but I haven't got it there yet which I am worried about.
It wasn't without issues, not level etc, leaves breakinget this morning, then just as I stacked it the brides mum turns up at my door, I answered it with piping bag in my hand, saying nope can't really come in, but I did let her.
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I'm just trying to get the laptop up and running to remove backgrounds and watermark a few I've done recently but it's just crashing on me :/

Apparently putting it in your boot nestled in (ie on but in the middle of) a duvet is the best way to transport a stacked cake if that's any help nanny? It's meant to really help with absorbing bumps and shocks.

If you can remove the flowers from the top and attach them when you get there it will save your stress levels icon_smile.gif

You'll be fine though, honest!
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