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Thanks for all your posts ladies!! I can't wait to give all the recipes a go!

I tried the vanilla version of the recipe featered on but it wasn't moist enough and I didn't like teh fact the tops went a little crispy. They did dome very nicely though.

I'm getting nervous about posting the cakes but I'm determined to try it!! I will upload a picture of before and after!!! x
The secret to happiness is many cakes!
The secret to happiness is many cakes!
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Did you speak to environmental health yet?
coz I just called up the local office and they told me that as a home business - cake baking/decorating was low risk and all i had to do was fill in a form!
They didn't even want to come out to my kitchen (but said they would if I wanted!) I was so shocked!
It said on the form you have to apply a month before you start but the woman on the phone said I could start straight away! icon_smile.gif
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That is really helpful to know. Not that I have any major worries but we do have a cat so not sure how that would play out with them. But obviously I bake in a disifected kitchen etc (must go through loads of dettol spray!). I am not really sure what is holding me back...had been thinking about doing my decorating diploma but not sure if I can spare the cash. People keep on telling me to go ahead and make it into a business, maybe just worried that nobody will buy at the higher price.
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I'm no expert but I would say register with health and safety - it doesn't cost but you know you've covered your back, then take it slow.
I've only just started but I did 3 cakes in for 1 weekend and was hugely stressed! kind of took the fun out of it a bit but was gr8 towards building up a portfolio.
I don't have a diploma
a lot of my orders have come from word of mouth.
the more you do the more confident you get!
take in what others tell you - don't brush it off!!!icon_smile.gif
good luck!
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Wahoo my boxes are here. I ordered 3 boxes with inserts that hold 12 cupcakes and 3 boxes with inserts that hold 6 cupcakes.

I'm using the larger ones to post my cakes!! The plan is to wrap each cake individually in a clear bag and seal. I'll then put them in the provided inserts and will sellotape securely to the board. I'm thinking of using scrunched up paper between the cakes and the top of the box and wala, hopefully they will stay secure and in one piece!!

I'll keep you posted. icon_smile.gif

P.S. I got my boxes from and it cost me £14.47 in total for the 6 boxes. Delivery was good too. I ordered them on the 12th and they arrived yesterday but I missed the post so had to pick them up from the depot.
The secret to happiness is many cakes!
The secret to happiness is many cakes!
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good luck!
let us know how it goes.
Can't wait to see pics!
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Hi Slush

You are an absolute star!!!!

On count one I've just made your chocolate cake recipe and the mix tastes gorgeous. They are in the oven now so fingers crossed, but have made them as cupcakes so will let you know.

Secondly I have registered with enviro and filled out the form and have been on eggshells ever since worrying about them turning up in the middle of feeding time at the zoo (I have two small children) and closing me down. I only cook/ice for business at night and always in a clean tidy kitchen but during the day it's like a bombsite of toys and mess so have been worried sick. They didn't bother telling me that I wouldn't have visits. I did my food hygiene course a while back and have followed all that advice but it's just nice to know. thanks xxx

Hi Hailinguk

I can't wait to see the pictures and your boxes sound great, I'm going to have a look at those for mine, I've never seen the inserts before.

Good luck with the post.
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hey just darling!
I hope the cupcakes worked!!

I didn't ask the enviromental health woman if they do drop visits but she didn't need to visit before i started,
I think they have more important things to do than drop in on us mums who work from home. (i hope they do anyway!)
I also have kids - 3 monkeys and a princess! my place only ever looks tidy when they're all asleep!!
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I can vouch for Slush's chocolate cake recipe, I made it today but in cupcakes and it's gorgeous, it went down very well with my 'tasters'. Thanks for that! xxx
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I'm so pleased it worked for you justdarling!

This thread is a bit quiet - I thought there would be more uk cakers on here!
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Update Slush,

Think i am going to try and do the food hygiene course in the next month or two but yesterday a friend asked if I would consider going into business with her doing whole kids party packages ( I am a bit obsessive when it comes to the party think in terms of following my themes through etc) so hopefully that would be a way for me to get my cakes out there a bit but with people paying REAL prices! We are meeting next week to properly get a plan of action. I am also dying to try your choc cake recipe but put on a whopping 3 lbs icon_eek.gif at weight watchers this week so am trying to stay away from baking unless it is to go straight out to someone else icon_sad.gif .

I am loving this thread so much!!!
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Hello everyone!

I'm also in the UK!

Have any of you bought an Agbay leveler? If so, did you have to pay any custom tax?

I really want to buy one, but it is expensive and I don't know how much it would be consitering the P&P and the taxes.

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hey eilidh!

sounds like you're on to a great idea with the party package theme!!
as for putting on weight I can totally commiserate with you - I haven't even been to get weighed I'm too scared!!!
good thing about the kids though is they eat all the cut offs!

am loving this thread too!!!
feel at home! icon_smile.gif
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Hi Ladies,

What a day! I wanted to send off 3 x boxes of 12 cupcakes but after I'd made them and put them in the box, there was just too much room for them to move around.

I could only find 2 of the 6 insert boxes so I could only do 2 then as sods law would have it, after I got back from the post office I found the 3rd box under the table!! Grrrr.

Anyhoo, here are the pics as promised.


My mum wanted PJ bottoms but I'd already planned to cupcakes so I made a little pair out of fondant and put them on top of a cupcake!

Before I closed the lid:
The secret to happiness is many cakes!
The secret to happiness is many cakes!
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HURRAH!! My mum received the cakes this morning! I asked her to take a pic and she said she's eaten one already!

The good news - they arrived in perfect condition!! As soon as she sends me the picture I'll upload.

My new tip just arrived so I've just made these for my friends birthday party tonight.


The secret to happiness is many cakes!
The secret to happiness is many cakes!
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