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shipping cupcakes

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I am going to ship cupcakes to a coffee shop an hour away and was hoping to get answers on the best way to ship them. Is there a special cupcake box to keep them safe, if so where do I buy them. I am having trouble finding anything online but I have found other bakeries that ship them so I know it's possible. I have asked them but no answers.
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I would just drive them... icon_smile.gif
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I agree.. I would just drive them!
I bought boxes from brp packaging
I got the box that holds 4 cupcakes and I bought the cupcake holder to fit that box.
I recently shipped 3 trial boxes to 3 friends in 3 different locations and packaged each box a little different... they all had the cupcake box, cupcake holder, and 4 cupcakes. I just sealed a glad press and seal barrier over the tops of the cupcakes to sort of hold in place (yeah right.. didnt work), and then filled the top in with different packing material.. one box has easter grass, one had tissue paper, and so on...then put each cupcake box inside a bigger box that it fit like a glove into.
They ALL arrived in a mess!! (Cupcakes with no icing on top... pile of icing in corner of basically looked like someone had taken the box, shaken it and thrown it around a bit.. not pretty! icon_sad.gif The boxes were still perfectly intact, but the cupcakes just didnt have a good way to be secure without the tops being smashed.
Charge a little xtra for delivery... and drive!!! icon_smile.gif
(If you find a way that will actually work, please let me know!!
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