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I tried the Martha Stewart strawberry cupcakes recipe last night. Like some others of you, I wasn't thrilled with the result. The texture was so light that the cupcakes kind of sank under the weight of a fairly light frosting. I did like the tiny pieces of strawberry throughout the cake, though. So here's what I'm thinking.
I have a robust yellow butter cake recipe (which I have not tried to make cupcakes with before, but why wouldn't it work?). It's the yellow butter cake from the Wilton website and it's yuuuummmmmy. If I decrease the milk a little and fold in the strawberries, maybe it would be a more substantial cupcake that would hold up better and be less airy. (The cake tends to have the consistency almost of a pound cake.)
Do you Cupcake Pros have a rule of thumb for adapting a cake recipe to cupcakes, or does it usually work just fine?
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I use the Stawberry Cake from Scratch posted in the recipe section on this site, and I have had great results with it. It's very yummy!

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Antgirl - Any cake recipe will work for cupcakes. The problem with folding in strawberries is that you will need more levening to make the cake rise, and that throws off your whole recipe. Plus, adding strawberries alone won't add as much of a strawberry flavor as you'd think. Replace part of the milk or water with slushed up strawberries AND use strawberry extract/flavoring.
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