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I heard my name and came running...
Sorry for the slow contributions, I am in Australia touring around getting new inspiration and sharing knowledge. They have HORRIBLE internet service in Australia. These last 3 mths have been a test of patience between the heat, humidity, and internet.

To the questions posted...

Isomalt is food safe but a severe laxative in large amounts.
If you wish to keep the topper then all you have to do is pour a clear sugar base over tinfoil and build your topper up from that. You can hide the edge with ribbon or royal icing piping. The tinfoil prevents the moisture from the cake destroying the sculpture.

There is Food Lacquer for chocolate and sugar. It's made in China and India from the ground up shells of giant beetles. The same beetles they use for most of our other food shine, hard candies, chocolates, etc. that you buy at the store. You can find it on line quit readily. Just look for food shellac or lacquer. Definitely buy the already aerosol canned ones, the powder is cheaper but harder to use. Yes you've all been eating bugs and never knew it. You don't have to build any special stands etc any more then if you used SKITTLES candy on a cake.

I have pieces that are in a display case with NO desiccant or silica gel that are 12 years old. We also ship our bubbles and such individually wrapped(or in small bunches) in ziplock baggies and as long as they are kept sealed airtight from humidity and cool they last for a long long time. We're taking years. I only suggest using a desiccant if you are making a showpiece or live in an area with over 60% humidity for isomalt but again, if the display case is AIRTIGHT it shouldn't matter.

Shipping bubbles and small items will always have a litle breakage. We include an additional 10% of an order to ensure customers get their full order or at least close to it. In the case of fish and swans, we include extra feathers and fins etc. it is jsut sugar and you can melt them back together easily enough. Lot's of bubble wrap, shredded paper, and big boxes are a must.

Shipping Big sculptures etc only occurs by private courier or personal delivery. I have flown pieces to San Diego for events from Edmonton Alberta Canada and as far as Europe. Generally you will assemble some parts on site to ensure it looks awesome in that case.

I hope that helps, I'll read through all the posts again to see if there is anything I missed.
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If you put a few dowels in the top layer of cake just like when you board and dowel the other 6 tiers then that structure will take the weight of the sugar sculpture. As long as you pour a base and build up from that.

Check out the ukrainian wheat cake topper on my website SUGAR gallery to see what i'm talking about.
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