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Nut cups for Popcorn cupcakes

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I was looking at all the posts on popcorn cupcakes. I love them!
Is there anywhere to buy striped nut cups? I really would like to avoid making them myself.

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Sorry, I don't know about the nut cups; hopefully someone else does. This place has popcorn themed cupcake wrappers.

They're expensive though. Maybe you could just wrap a strip of red & white striped scrapbook paper around the cupcake.

When I made the popcorn cupcakes, I colored a few nut cups every night while watching tv. Used a Crayola wide marker.
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I was wondering Barbaranne, what size nut cups did you use? 2 oz.? Did you bake directly in them?
I would like to make them for my DD's 6th b-day party (PJ movie night theme.)

Thanks in advance,
Jackie icon_smile.gif
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I'm sorry, I don't know the size. There was only one choice when I went to Michael's, and it worked out for me.

I didn't bake in them. I don't really care for the way they look when they are baked in, plus, I would be concerned with the marker bleeding through and getting on the food.

These were fun to make, but time consuming. (coloring the nut cups, cutting the mini marshmallows, sticking them on, then painting on yellow food coloring for the centers of the marshmallows)
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Thanks for the reply- and now that I know I can get them at Micheals it's a start! Wish me luck!

Thanks again!
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