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Need cupcake ideas- well is dry

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I am making fake cupcake for display at our new cupcake shop. I need ideas for a kid cupcake that does not have any licensed characters (I am thinking of making a lady bug) and a cupcake for men. I was thinking I would make the 8 ball froma set of pool balls, but you won't be able to see that if it is up on a shelf. Any suggestions? I am totally tapped out at this point.
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i like the animal idea - elephants, frogs, lions. or just bright colours! like a beachball? cars, boats, a general doll shape? hand shapes? kids love seasonal stuff, that ties in with holidays, seems to make them want it more than a regular pattern cupcake.
men - other ball things, football, golf etc, clubs/ bats/ racquets, boats, cars, tools, racetrack, black tie style, jeans, flannel pattern, fireballs (a non licensed james bond theme!).
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I don't know why i forgot about this- Poker for men. I do great poker cakes, duh! Thanks for helping me to remember
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how about tea cups? then you can match it with a tea pot cake.
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For the kids one, how about doing a toy box for the top cake, then toys all on the cupcakes...dolls, tops, cars, stuffed animals...etc. would be a lot of work but really cute in the long run...
For the guys one...I agree with the poker chips and stuff like that...or some sports related item...maybe do something that goes with your state or hometown sports theme...NFL..or something like that.
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or you could do pirate faces and a pirate ship for a main cake, looks quite nice if you do the red spotty head scarf and a gold ball for an earring, bonus is that they are really quick to make!
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cupcakemkr- I made a fantastic tea cup with our lgo on it and sugar flowers. so cute!
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