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Cupcake Co on the Today Show

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Did anyone see the 2 girls on the Today Show this morning? They were on with Matt, Meredith, and Al talking about their shop in D.C.

They just opened last February, expecting to sell 100 cupcakes a day, they now bake about 800 a day and have 1 1/2 hr waits on busy days just to get in their shop. One of them commented that they bake over 3000 on a busy weekend. Good for them! It's nice to see 2 woman succeeding in this economy. icon_smile.gif

I wonder if they're CC members!
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I did not get to see this as I have a 2 year old and there is a Handy Manny marathon today! haha!!

BUT - that is an amazing story and I just love to hear how people CAN succeed with just flower and eggs (HA!) in a bad economy! I am just so happy for them!! I might have to visit the today show website to check them out!

GOOD GOOD GOOD for them!!

And thank you for my smile today!
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You're welcome for the smile, it made my day too! They were sisters too, I forgot to mention that.

Handy Manny huh? I'm completely out of the loop, my 2 are in college now. They grew up with Barney the dinosaur, is he still around? I love you, you love me, we're a great big family............Hey I still remember that song! icon_rolleyes.gif

Ohhhhhhhhh, I so enjoyed when mine were that age, I miss it so much. Enjoy your little one, the years FLY by! icon_wink.gif
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Its Georgetown Cupcakes in DC.

Seriously, they easily sell about 2000 - 3000 a DAY, and up to about 5000 on the weekend. The line is constantly about an hour wait. Its the Magnolia Bakery of DC, and its all about location, location, location.
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Do you know how much they charge? I saw it on the Today Show. It's just amazing! Good for them!
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They were on Martha's show in Nov doing cupcakes. I went to see the show with my grandmother for her 83rd B/D. thumbs_up.gifthumbs_up.gif

They did "Election Day Cupcakes". They gave out choc cupcakes with cream cheese frosting.

The recipe is on Martha's site. They also have the video on the site. I loved the frosting thumbs_up.gif and the cupcake was ok. I'm not a big choc fan but my DS (who is 8 yrs old) who also doesn't like choc loved it. icon_wink.gificon_wink.gif

The packaging was really pretty. icon_cool.gif I took pics of the box, the cupcake from all angles and measured the ribbon. Can you tell that I liked the packaging (LOL)

Go to

they just updated their website. I like it better.

Learn to say "NO" first!!
Learn to say "NO" first!!
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Thanks for posting this. I made their chocolate cupcakes last night with the cream cheese frosting. They are really good!

I 'm so happy for these girls to have made it in their business. Right place -right time, I guess!!
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Thanks for the website! And it's great that they are SO successful! That's just amazing!!
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