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I came up with my name because every time I would run into people at daycare or grocery stores they would never remember my "real" name. I always got the "Oh your the cake lady!". I tried to use "Cake Lady" but someone is already using it in my area, so I decided to use "The Original Cake Lady". I usually get a lot of positive feedback from it.
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I like Sweet Addictions or Sugar Rush. It kinda makes it sounds like they need to rush right in and get some of your cakes. Know what I mean?
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The name I came up with years ago and always loved was "The Goodie Lady" so I could have the slogan "Come and taste my goodies" I always thought it was cute. I planned on using it when I was going to sell all sorts of baked good not just cakes.
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Sugar Rush!! that's my pick....very cool! "Sugar Rush - When you've just gotta have a fix!!" icon_lol.gif
Come let your hair down!
Come let your hair down!
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Sounds perfect to me!
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Okay, the contest at my work ended. I received probably 50 or more suggestions. Some were awesome and others were totally off the wall. 20 names made it thru the first cut. Now I've narrowed it down to 9, plus I took one name suggestion for my slogan. Here are the names I narrowed it to:
1. Cakewalk Confectioners
2. Vallee Cake Creations
3. Takes the Cake Bakeshop (I added Bakeshop and the s on takes)
4. Cake Walk Bakeshop (I added Bakeshop)
5. Vallee's Cakery & Bakery (I added & Bakery)
6. Piece of Cake Bakeshop (again, I added Bakeshop)
7. The Icing on the Cake Bakeshop (added Bakeshop, thinking of dropping 'The' at the beginning...)
8. Vallee's Cake Boutique
9. Say it with Cake Bakeshop (guess what? I added the Bakeshop!)

Slogan is: Easy as pie... Better as Cake.

My SIL and I have been talking for a while about going into business together. Neither of us are financially ready to go too far with that right now, but we want to leave the option open for the future. So I discussed the names with her and we are getting together on Sat. morn to develop a sort of business plan. I want to make sure that the name will apply to both of us if she does join me in the future so we do not have to change business names if/when it happens. We want something catchy, but professional, memorable but not cheesy.

I'm taking an informal poll from all you creative experts out there!! What do you all think about the names? Also, how about the slogan? I will be announcing my decision on Tuesday...
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You guys have some great ideas!!! When and if I decide to go into business for myself i have some great material to work with. My last name is Sweet. icon_lol.gif

I vote for Icing on the Cake Bakeshop. I think that one is catchy. icon_smile.gif
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Great names!!

I also like Takes the Cake Bakeshop.... seems to roll off your tongue when you say it and is the most memorable one to me.

The slogan is iffy for me...

Have fun deciding!! icon_smile.gif
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Whatever you choose make sure you research any variation of it very well before you spend money to make it official. Look in the phonebook, online and check with your state to see if anyone is using any form of the name. Good Luck
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Wow ... hard choice but I really like Takes The Cake. Sometime to consider ... if someone is calling information to try and find a company that makes cakes ... you most definitely want to have the word CAKE in your company name. Unless said customer thinks to ask information to look up BAKERIES in the area. Even then, having the word "Cake" in your name gives you an advantage over someone who has a classy sounding name that doesn't really say what they do.

Also practice answering the phone over and over with the name you are considering. I love the name Custom Cake Creations, but haven't decided yet if it is too much of a mouthful to say over & over icon_smile.gif
Worse Things Have Happened To Better People
Worse Things Have Happened To Better People
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I checked the yellow pages for my state (Maine) and there are only 9 listings with Cake in the title, so I guess I'm entering into a virtually untapped market. Yay for me! I also like "Takes the Cake Bakeshop" as does my husband. I agree about it rolling off the tongue. I'm waiting to see what my SIL and BIL think. I also tried a web search for anything with "Takes the Cake" in the title. There were no matches. So again, Yay for me!

I like the slogan. It kind of implies dessert variety, not just cakes, which is the goal for my future bakeshop. There were other options for slogans too:

Any way you slice it (adding ", it's good" or something to that effect)
Just add ice cream
Let them eat cake by Renee (I believe Let them Eat Cake has been used)
Carpe Diem Cake (Sieze the day... with cake)
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I like "Piece of cake". And I love the slogan!
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Ideas come from eveywhere. I used to work part time at the Florida Grand Opera and because of my coloring and looks and dramatic flair for cheap but great fashion people would always ask me was I a member of the troupe. ( haahahah..payless, Ross and Marshalls are my favorite

So as a joke I started to answer them...No, I am NOT an OPERA DIVA I am a PASTRY the name stuck...

Every Friday I would bring goodies to the office and a little ole lady ( Bless her heart) had a piece of my cheese cake and closed her eyes and sighed..saying..."This is too good for human consumption"

So, I got my "NAME" and slogan from my customers...

Almost too good for human consumption"
( I added the "ALMOST" to keep me humble ) lol

I had already come up with a name for my cake business that I no longer use, as everyone down here knows me as the Pastry Diva.

Since I work with a LOT of chef's sometimes they get smirky with me, untill I pull out my portfolio...that shuts them up quick
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I like Cakes Unlimited. I think it shows people that you can do so much. The variety and ideas are unlimited.

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Well, It's Official! The name of my new cake decorating biz is 'Takes The Cake Bakeshop'. My SIL and I are going into this together and we both agreed on this name as did our husbands. We also took the slogan "Easy as Pie... Better as cake". We find it very fitting for what our business will be selling.

Anyway, thank you for all your suggestions and the feedback. It is very much appreciated!
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