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Originally Posted by shiney

I hope I can get this technique to work, but when I outline with the flood consistency, it runs off the cookie. Anyone else have that problem?

Was your thinned icing, too thin? Or maybe you started too close to the edge? I'm certainly no expert on the subject. I love to use this icing..but I'm learning too. Just a couple of thoughts from my own experience. icon_smile.gif
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Please understand, everyone....I made that tutorial for absolute beginners to cookie decorating. It had to be easy enough for them to handle and not be discouraged.

Of course, after you've tried your hand at the techniques, you can most certainly use the thinned icing for outlining and get to the stage where you don't even outline anymore. It's all about practicing, getting the consistency of the icing right for each stage and feeling comfortable. icon_smile.gif

Shiney, it does sound as if 1) your icing is either too thin, 2) your cookies aren't completely flat, or 3) you are piping too close to the edge. thumbs_up.gif
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