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Throw in there also the fact that you're suffering from PSD - post traumatic stress disorder - from the obviously-nuts postal worker and that they should pay your counseling bills. This could go on and on and on...

I absolutely hate my post office. Mail never shows up, it's not put in the box sometimes when it does show up, packages look like they've been thrown down a flight of stairs, letters arrive torn, etc, and the workers there have this classic attitude of "I work for the feds and will get paid for doing nothing or doing something, and, so, I choose to do nothing." There's no pride in the work anymore. The days of the personnel actually caring are over.

Now, I'm sure there are those who will disagree. I'm just posting about my personal experiences - not anyone else's.

Sorry you had to go through that. To be quite honest, I think the crowd in line behind me would've gotten an earful if that had been me. I would've lost it, to put it nicely.

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I'm all for calling the TV station!

This is just another example of"it's just flour and eggs ... nothing that actually COSTS anything!"

I had a bride call me and she had ordered a sample cake from a bakery in Las Vegas. Including the $52 shipping cost, this cake cost the bride to be $300 for a 6" cake!!! So don't EVEN tell me "they're just cookies ... not worth anything"!

TV station, baby. A christmas package purposely destroyed by a government employee? Oh, yeah, they'll be ALL over this one!!
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Just disgusting what people do to each other these days. And to offer nothing for your item? The USPS would have had to pay for my lawyer fees for the battery charge cause I would have jumped over that counter. I praise you for your self-control. I would definitely take this matter above this manager's head as she obviously doesn't know how to do her job.

Just yesterday we were at a craft faire and some lady had beautiful handpainted work - mostly glass vases and drinkware. Some kid came through on a bike and aimed it straight for her table. He laughed evilly as he pedaled away on his bike as fast as he could. Just made me sick to see all that glass on the street and the woman in tears. The other crafters came to her aid and helped her clean it up and console her.
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Gosh, I'm surprised there aren't more messages; I figured by now there would be pages and pages of cake decorators wanting to lynch this idiot! I realized my heart was pounding after I read the original post because I was so shocked and angered by what happened, and it didn't even happen to me.

Did you get your cookies re-made and shipped in time for the wedding? Have you decided what to do?
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Did you pay to insure the package? You should get that value plus the postage amount at the least! I'd be e-mailing the local TV stations, too ... I'm not one to usually vocalize my dissatisfaction with customer service realizing everybody has a bad day, but how hard would it have been to slap a stupid fragile sticker on the box or hand you a Sharpie and tell you to write it yourself? It's not so much that the box didn't need the sticker (which obviously it did), but if it would give you peace of mind, let you have it. Personally, I think they treat items marked fragile worse than those not marked, but that's just been my experience.
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I'm anxious to hear how this ended. I would still be cleaning his splean from beneath my fingernails.
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That is a shocking story! I'm so sorry that all of your hard work was ruined. The only place that guy should be working is in a morgue (behind the scenes) so that he wouldn't have an opportunity to terrorize people. Or maybe the WWF would be better to get out a little aggression.

As other have said, I would file an immediate complaint, get the videotapes in the hands of the police, and call the media.

I hope you get some compensation and has no future in customer service jobs.
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I thought that packages were automatically insured for a minimum amount. I'd be checking into that for SURE! It was in the hands of the USPS when it was destroyed. Did they at least.....REPRIMAND the guy?

Beth in KY
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Wow! I can't believe that the postal worker did that! I would definitely file a complaint with the USPS, BBB, and call your local TV station.

Please let us know how this turned out! I would be furious too!
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Facebook - Sweet Escapes Bakery
If you fan me I will fan you!
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You were at the post office right and not the mental hospital. In my area they have a show called 7 on your side and they go in and eat these types of people alive please call the tv station and have them to go in and expose this idiot.

I would have missed Christmas this year. I am so sorry this happened to you. I am afraid of corneli lace and if I had actually done it and had it detroyed be someone like that "it would be on like popped corn".

Please persue this!
Here lately my memory hasn't been that good and not only that, my memory hasn't been that good either.

Is that the most beautiful avatar you've ever seen or what?
Here lately my memory hasn't been that good and not only that, my memory hasn't been that good either.

Is that the most beautiful avatar you've ever seen or what?
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Well, as others have said, I can't believe what an idiot this guy is and that the supervisor would do nothing. Completely infuriating!!!!! I agree that you should call/write to the postmaster, submit the value as what you would have charged if selling these (including an up charge for a rush order) and the additional shipping cost you now have to incur. I'm so sorry this happened to you, those were beautiful, such a shame.
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"7 On your side!" I used to love that segment of the news when I lived in MD
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I wonder if you could even file a police report for damage to personal property?
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WOW! He needs to be in a mental hospital. He sounds like he's ready to explode & might hurt someone next. This makes you wonder what goes on behind the scene if they have an idiot like this working out front for customers to see. Good luck & Merry CHRISTmas.
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I'd go back and show him the true meaning of "Going Postal" lol
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