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keeping cupcakes moist

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I know there was a post about brushing something on top of the cupcakes to keep them moist, but i can't find it.

can anyone tell me what that is?

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Brushing a simple syrup over the top is what I've seen, but I haven't been very successful myself the couple of times I've done it.

Simple syrup is made with 2 parts sugar, 1 part water.
Bring the water to a boil.
Dissolve the sugar into the boiling water.
Once the sugar is dissolved completely, remove the pan from the heat.
Allow to cool completely, add any flavors now and bottle.

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you can always use simple syrup but frosting your cupcake will keep it moist, try to cover as much of the cake as you can.
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I top off my cc with lots of frosting and store them in an air tight flat, shallow container (like those under the bed storage containers) and they stay rather moist. I also zap them in the microwave for 8 seconds before serving and they regain lost moistness. I do wish there was a way to keep them moist on a display stand...oh well!
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i have a huge project w 500 cupcakes. how much ssyrup on each ? i was thinking to make up to a week in adv. & freeze w syrup on it. is that ok ?
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Use a pastry brush and brush on all parts that are exposed beyond the cc liner. Freeze in ziplocks and defrost the night before...I guess it would be a tbsp. each or thereabouts...Good luck!
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Just like with cakes, a simple syrup will keep a cupcake moist longer.

Also, I have found that cupcakes made with buttermilk and oil (versus butter) tend to produce the moistest cupcakes.

At the cafe where I work, I always make batches of cupcakes and freeze them. When defrosted, they seem to sometimes be even moister (and stay moist) than when freshly-baked.

Also, if the cupcake your baking tends to have a "crisper" top (some cupcakes tend to have a crisper top than others), then brushing simple syrup over the top might not penetrate the cake below. In that case, I would think that you could use one of those food syringes and squirt some flavored syrup into the cupcake.
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can anyone suggest flavor for red velvet ? thanks.
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you mean a syrup flavor? I would do a simple syrup with maybe a hint of vanilla.
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