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Baby Bootie Template/Pattern?

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Could someone point me in the direction on finding a pattern for baby booties/shoes? I have done searches, but can't seem to find them.

Thanks in advance!

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I just made booties using a template that stellastarchild created. It was so easy and they came out really cute. I'm trying to attach the template to this post but it's not letting me so I'll try and pm you. I found it under templates in the gallery but I can't remember on what page.
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here's the template and a pic of the finished product...
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There is a baby bootie pattern posted by JaneK that I reduced in size and made on a shower cake. I dont know how to insert the link but if you search under "sketches/patterns you will find it under baby shoe pattern. (

It's a great template to use.
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Here it is.
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Thank you so much. I wasn't able to print out the booties from the webshots, but I did get the other.

Thanks again,

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I hope someone can help me! I need to make a baby shower cake for this weekend and i'd love to do the converse booties using stellarschild's template - i've got the template but can someone tell me if i just use normal fondant or flower paste or a combo of both - and if there is a 'how to do it' instruction sheet anywhere?!

Thanks a mil!

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I would use gumpaste or fondant with tylose so it dries really hard.
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Thanks Stephanie

Would you know how do i actually put it together?

Thanks a mil

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I just looked at the picture and pieced it together, i'm going to try and attach the picture here. She numbered each piece so hopefully this make sense. if not, just let me know and I'll try and walk you through it.
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Thanks so much Stephanie - i guess i just follow the numbers
For the piece # 1, 2 and 12 are these 3 pieces or just one piece

I live in London UK and i looked up Tylose - would it be same to use 50/50 fondant and flower paste?

Sorry to keep bombarding you with soo many questions! Im trying to understand how to do it all

Thanks a mil

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No not a problem. I would imagine flower paste is similar to gumpaste so I think you should be able to do 50/50. Maybe make them a few days early just in case they don't dry in time or something goes wrong, that way you have time for a backup plan.
for #1 & #2, you need to cut out two of that shape. one for each side. I think I started with the bottom #5, then attached the tongue #3, and then the two sides, then #4 in the front and finally started adding all the details. You can see in the picture too, you need to roll your paste on the thicker side and I stuffed some tissues inside til it was set up too. I used gum glue to attach all the pieces together too.
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